Election Fraud

On Cusp of ‘Earth-Shattering’ Ariz. Audit, Republicans Launch New Vote-Fraud Counterattack

On Cusp of ‘Earth-Shattering’ Ariz. Audit, Republicans
Launch New Vote-Fraud Counterattack 1

Having stayed silent through many of the post-election battles waged by the Trump campaign to challenge fraudulent 2020 election results, the Republican National Committee finally appeared poised to put its weight into the fight.

The RNC released a 24-page report outlining the evidence of fraud, despite baseless, blatantly egregious claims by leftist media that it was the most-secure election in US history.

“Republicans know the administration of the 2020 election had serious problems and
failures regardless of what the press, Democrats, and so-called ‘experts’ say,” the report began. “Laws were disregarded, election observer rights were restricted, and there are still many questions left unanswered.”

Many of the conclusions of the report, issued by the RNC’s Temporary Committee on Election Integrity, are well known to conservatives.

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Among them are the violations of blue-state executives in using the pandemic to ignore the election rules laid out by state legislatures, as well as the audacious interference of activist groups bankrolled by left-wing oligarchs including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

“Democrats, including some public officials, used the pandemic as a pretense to achieve long-sought policy goals, such as expanded mail voting and the elimination of key safeguards, specifically for absentee voting, such as witness and ID requirements,” noted the report.

It also included some proposed objectives for restoring election integrity in the future. However, many of these now are being actively challenged by Democrats, who speciously claim that closing vote-fraud loopholes would violate the civil rights of minorities.

A newly formed conservative group sought to counter that bogus narrative, however, instead asserting that Democrat efforts to dilute the ballot were the true civil-rights violations.

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“When somebody tells me I don’t need an ID to do anything, I recognize identity theft,” said Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., during the event announcing the launch the Center for Election Integrity on Thursday at Atlanta’s Metro City Church.

“They’re taking my identity away from me,” continued King, a staunch pro-life advocate and conservative civil-rights activist. “That has nothing to do with black or white. That has to do with manipulation and control.”

King was one of several African-American civil rights leaders to speak, including former Trump advisor Ken Blackwell. The CEI is an offshoot of Trump’s recently launched America First Policy Institute, which has fanned out into several different areas of advocacy, drawing in many of the previous administration’s heavy hitters.

While it was unclear whether the RNC was also backing the group, chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel hinted that the efforts may be interconnected by invoking the CEI’s slogan while discussing the new report.

“The RNC established an election integrity committee to examine how Democrats attack election integrity—and more importantly, to lay out a blueprint for protecting our elections from the far-left,” Romney said, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Republicans believe in making it easier to vote and harder to cheat,” she continued, “and we’re building a historic election integrity operation to do just that.”

But some right-wing thought leaders remained wary of the RNC’s sudden reversal.

“The Republican Party is outdated, does not represent their voters, and is not up for the fight against the Marxist left,” wrote the Gateway Pundit in response to the report. “How pathetic.”

The website was more enthusiastic about the announcement that auditors in Arizona’s Maricopa County would finally deliver their report to the state Senate on Friday.

Election integrity expert Jovan Pulitzer teased that the findings would be “earth-shattering” said the Pundit.

Full Committee Report FINAL… by Paul Bedard

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Election Fraud
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