PA teacher fired after saying she’d rather vote for a potato than Biden now suing school district

PA teacher fired after saying she’d rather vote for a potato
than Biden now suing school district 1

MONROEVILLE, PA – So much for freedom of speech!�

A Pennsylvania elementary school principal is out of job, and
she says it is because she posted right-leaning memes and
commentary on her private social media pages. 

Daily Wire
reports that, in one post, former principal
Amy Sacks said she would rather vote for a potato than Democratic
presidential contender Joe Biden. Sacks reportedly wrote: 

“This is a potato. If this potato was running against Joe
Biden, I’d vote for the potato.â€

Her pro-spud/anti-democrat post, was apparently enough to cost
Sacks her position at Evergreen Elementary in Monroeville,
Pennsylvania, despite decades of experience as an educator. 

Sacks, who had been a teacher for twenty years prior to becoming
principal, says the Perkiomen Valley School District and
Superintendent Barbara Russell fired her in July. 

On Thanksgiving, a Facebook page called “No Left Turn in
Education†shared a statement penned by Sacks. It reads: 

Many of you know that I am no longer the Principal of
Evergreen Elementary at this time. However, the circumstances
surrounding this situation have been kept quiet until now.

I am reaching out to you today to share with you that as
Principal of Evergreen Elementary School I was terminated because I
expressed right of center political views —

It goes on to say that she has filed a lawsuit against the
school district in an attempt to “save her job.†Sacks wrote
that she wants to also show people that they are not alone in their
personal battles against the “erosion of our constitutional
rights in America.†

She wrote: 

“This cancel culture within the public school
system has to stop. 

I was Principal of one of the best performing elementary
schools in Pennsylvania and still fell victim to being cancelled
out by liberal bureaucrats who don’t believe in diversity of
thought, speech, opinion, or political affiliation.â€

In keeping with the belief that she had the constitutional right
to freedom of speech, the
Daily Mail
reported that some of Sacks’ other Facebook
posts read: 

–“Looking for some clarity. Is Corona
Season over and we are on to Riot Season? I just need to know if I
need a mask or a rifle.â€

-“Due to Covid, we’re gonna need
people to riot from home and destroy your own s***.â€

-“If you think the coronavirus panic in an election
year right after 3 failed coup attempts against Trump is a
coincidence? You might be as dumb as a rock!â€

– “If you can’t carry, buy some wasp and hornet
spray, keep it beside your seat in your vehicle. It sprays 20-30ft

Another reportedly included a photo of Senate Minority Leader
Chuck Schumer with the caption “The virus,†and below it was a
picture of people voting, captioned, “The cure.†

Now, Sacks is seeking $500,000 in monetary damages for the
emotional turmoil she has experienced in the last five months. 

The civil suit names more than a dozen defendants, including the
school district and its board of directors. 

Court documents
say, on top of firing Sacks for her Facebook
posts, the Superintendent also accused her of being racist. The
lawsuit says: 

“Amy was told by Russell that her private Facebook
posts had offended a parent who had complained to the District.

Instead of properly telling the parent that Amy was
permitted to post what she wanted on her private account, the
District terminated Amy from the principal position without

Amy was told by Russell that she was being terminated
because these posts were offensive, unacceptable, and
unprofessional. Russell alluded that she believed that Amy was
racist and could be fired on that basis.â€

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Here’s more from Law Enforcement Today on a teacher who
expressed left leaning views and was NOT fired:

Teacher to eighth grader: President Trump is not a hero and the
White House is not an accurate source of information

October 28, 2020

GIG HARBOR, WA – Pick a hero to write about
an essay, but do not pick the President of the United States.

That’s the shocking lesson that some 13-year-old students in
Washington State got this week, and one of them captured it on

The student in Gig Harbor recorded his teacher trying to
convince him to stop supporting President Donald Trump.

In the nearly 10-minute video, shared with
The Jason Rantz show on radio station 770 KTTH
, the educator
appears to try to get the eighth grader to agree that the
President’s immigration policy is a failure and that President
Trump is racist.

According to 770 KTTH, the teacher, Connor Seaman, gave students
in his language arts class at Kopachuck Middle School an assignment
to name their hero and provide sources to explain the choice.

and worst teacher of the year
goes to…….Connor Seaman at Kopachuck Middle School in Gig

— Katie🇺🇸 (@KatieMoreau4)
October 27, 2020

The student in question reportedly chose President Trump,
partially because of his immigration policies and push to build a
border wall.

At the time the video was recorded, Seaman had allegedly asked
the student to stay after class to discuss his subject choice.

The conversation began as a chat about proper sourcing and
devolved from there.

It started with Seaman saying:

“Let me pull up your project and see how you

He then asks:

“What sources are you using?â€

The video shows the student explain that he sourced the White
House for facts on building a border wall, citing

His teacher then replied:

“So, it’s the president’s website that’s saying
it? You might want to try some different sources.â€

The student replies that he understands the point the teacher is
trying to make. But he also said: 

“He’s telling the truth though.â€

The educator then begins to launch into scolding the student and
an apparent attempt to discourage the eighth grader from regarding
President Trump as a hero.

comparable to “JAYWALKING.”

At about 4:30 minutes in the video, 8th grade teacher Connor
Seaman delivers that message to his held-after-class







— Anti-White HateWatch (@AW_HateWatch)
October 27, 2020

Seaman said:

“We kind of talked about the wall thing so, like, I
mostly know about this because of my own research. There’s only,
like, along the wall that’s been built has mostly just been
replacing old wall that was already there.

“I mean, it wasn’t really a wall. It was kind of
like a fence. You know? But, it’s still a barrier. The promise
was to make a wall along the border and only, like, 100 miles, I
think is the number out of the 3,000 total miles has actual

Seaman then added:

“Why is it heroic to make a wall to keep out

Aside from the issue of having a political debate with a
13-year-old, that seems to bring the teacher around to his key

From there, the conversation spiraled.

Seaman compared illegal immigration to jaywalking, saying both
are illegal but neither is a big deal. In the video, he said:

“So, like, for example, like, let’s say, because
jaywalking is illegal, let’s say I were to do a taskforce that
cost billions of dollars to stop jaywalking once and for all type
thing. Is that, like, you see the kind of point I’m trying to get
right here?â€

Shortly after, he launched into an argument that illegal
immigrants rarely commit crimes. Seaman said:

“I don’t know if you know this but, actually,
immigrants who cross illegally, they perform crimes at a lower rate
than U.S. citizens do.â€

The eighth grader replied simply:

“Not true.â€

From there, the conversation really took a turn with the
educator arguing that not only is the President of the United
States of America not a hero, but that he is also a racist.

Seaman said:

“If you are going to introduce bullet points, you kind
of have to back up with why that’s heroic, because there’s a
lot of people who would argue that it’s not heroic and it’s
actually, a lot of the rhetoric that has been said has been very

According to 770 KTTH, the student’s mom didn’t know what
had taken place until her son showed her the recording.

She told the radio station that she contacted the district
which, via the principal, apologized for the lecture.

However, a spokesperson for the district reportedly told the
radio station:

“The comment that the teacher tried to convince the
student he was wrong for supporting President Trump’s immigration
policy is not accurate. The student and teacher spoke about
immigration policy in the context of providing evidence for why
President Trump is a hero.

“The teacher’s intent was to encourage the student
to use more than one source for his assignment.â€


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