Paquette: Has the media been manipulating the Trump vs. Biden battle since election day?

Paquette: Has the media been manipulating the Trump vs.
Biden battle since election day? 1

This editorial is brought to you by a staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

Evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election has gone beyond suggestive or convincing to staggering. There is too much evidence to do it justice. To get a sense of how much evidence there is, one good resource is the website

This website collected 403 items of evidence and precedents available from public sources. Each of the 403 items represents anywhere from a handful of purloined votes to hundreds of thousands of them. 

The site has direct links to videos of discarded military ballots for Trump found in a dumpster, stolen election machine memory sticks in Philadelphia, dead voters in multiple states, and statistical anomalies so bizarre that they cannot be attributed to legitimate voting.

One of these pieces of evidence shows counties that went for Trump in initial voting and then to Biden during the mail-in count had substantially fewer Democratic mail-in ballot requests than Republican.

How do you extract more votes from fewer ballots?

There are cases of voter fraud involving thousands of ballots, fraud at the postal service, irregularities, and violations of law throughout key states. Almost 20,000 fake IDs seized from a shipment from China that could be used to facilitate fraudulent voting.

There is eyewitness testimony of fraud, expert witness testimony of polling machine vulnerabilities, and even video evidence of discarded Trump votes found on camera.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more. A list of just the categories of fraud involved could fill this article on its own.

In short, unless every scrap of evidence on the “HereIsTheEvidence” website is itself fraudulent, fraud happened during the 2020 election. It occurred on such a scale that evidence of it could not be completely concealed.

There were so many people involved that at least some of the larger examples of corruption almost certainly involved a conspiracy to commit fraud. It is inconceivable that all Democratic party officials were unaware of this.

The evidence found on this one database is sufficient to establish compelling evidence that voter and election fraud exist. That should be enough to kill the media narrative that there being no evidence of fraud.

It is also enough to establish that many of the examples are significant on their own. Combined, they become powerful evidence of a coordinated effort to take control of the American government by fraud.

President Trump’s legal team certainly has more evidence than can be found on the “HereIsTheEvidence” website. Unlike public sources, which they also have access to, they are in possession of unreleased evidence.

If the public case is this compelling, the President’s case can only be that much stronger.

Despite this, the liberal media, the Biden campaign, naïve or unscrupulous liberals, and even some conservatives are calling for Trump to gracefully step down and concede defeat.

Why? It is increasingly apparent that Biden should be disqualified because of fraud. It also looks as if the legitimate vote favored Trump by large margins.

And yet, the calls for Trump to step down continue.

The left has attempted to oust Trump from office ever since he was elected in 2016. To do it, they have utilized one illegitimate attack after another.

Looking at them; the lies, the hoaxes, the attempts to entrap or coerce false testimony, outright fraud, and constant dishonesty combined with near-hysterical levels of histrionics, one might be forgiven for suspecting Democrats in this election.

Remember, they are the party that encouraged the burning of our cities, riots, looting, and the murder of police officers just so they could score political points against Trump.

At the same time, they hoped to intimidate conservative voters and partly succeeded.

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Democratic support for the Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the anarchist group Antifa also link them to the violence caused by those groups. In combination with attempts to oust President Trump via legislative hoaxes and electoral fraud in the election, the Democratic party has behaved like an invading army.

They have demonstrated a willingness and ability to defraud the American public, cheat, lie, and even support or instigate dangerous violence. In this context, the electoral fraud discovered in the 2020 election can only be viewed as another in a long line of coup attempts. 

Fraud is not normally thought of as force. However, this fraud attempted to force an unelected president and vice-president on the American people, thus ensuring control of the American government.

That is force even if it did not involve physical violence. 

The only reason to allow fraudulent vote tallies to stand is fear. Fear of what the Democrats might try next. They have shown their propensity for violence, such as when they assaulted Trump supporters in Washington D.C. recently.

They have shown absolute contempt for rule of law, as when they call for the dissolution of police forces across the country or when they flout the law in their own behavior. 

Therefore, they cannot be given victory. And that is the only way they will get one, because they certainly have not earned it.

We cannot afford to wimp out in this election. We cannot cave to pressure from violent thugs, bullies, and charlatans. 

We must have the unbreakable resolve to see this through. President Trump almost certainly won this election. Biden, his campaign, and their supporters have done everything in their power, including many criminal acts, to make it seem otherwise.

They have also established a high level of threat to those Americans who do not allow them to take what they want. What they cannot take by deception, they intend to take through intimidation.

We are living in historic times, when leftist sympathies of the past have metastasized into a malignant cancerous growth, now out in the open, seeking control of its host, and ultimately, its death.

Previous leftist revolutions have succeeded because law-abiding people lacked the will to resist violent leftists.

In America, we now have an opportunity to show the world that the land of the free will remain free, with justice and liberty for all, because we have the guts to stand up to oppression and face it down.

Our President has a tough fight ahead of him. Not because of any weakness on his part, but because of widespread corruption in government and the media. We owe it to him, ourselves, the memory of our forefathers, and the country to do everything we can to help him.

Spread the word. Show the evidence. Do not back down.


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