Partisan DOJ Issues ‘Guidance’ Threatening Red States over Audits, Voting Reforms

Partisan DOJ Issues ‘Guidance’ Threatening Red States over
Audits, Voting Reforms 1

The Biden administration’s corrupt Justice Department issued what it referred to as “guidance” for 2020 battleground states planning to undertake voting reforms and election audits similar to that of Arizona‘s Maricopa County.

That directive appeared to be a veiled threat against states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Amongst the states’ GOP-led legislatures, talk of state-commissioned, independent audits has gained steam as Arizona’s seems poised to reveal several irregularities that could have undermined the final outcome.

The first of the two new documents dealt with the efforts by blue states to codify pandemic changes such as increased mail-in voting, ballot harvesting and unmanned drop-boxes.

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While Democrats claim they led to unprecedented voter engagement, Republicans maintain that they paved the way for unprecedented abuse and ballot fraud.

The second document addressed audits, including how “states must comply with federal law when preserving and retaining election records and the criminal penalties associated with the willful failure to comply with those requirements.”

The DOJ also resurrected the bogus canard of “intimidation,” which opponents of election transparency have used in an effort to block auditors from conducting door-to-door verification.

Many pointed out the hypocrisy of the reasoning behind it, even as the Biden administration has deployed similar tactics to intimidate vaccine holdouts into compliance.

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““The right of all eligible citizens to vote is the central pillar of our democracy, and the Justice Department will use all of the authorities at its disposal to zealously guard that right,” claimed Attorney General Merrick B. Garland.

“The guidances issued today describe certain federal laws that help ensure free, fair, and secure elections,” he added. “Where violations of such laws occur, the Justice Department will not hesitate to act.”

Garland already announced the DOJ’s intention to target Georgia for harassment after the state passed legislation closing many of the loopholes left-wing activists exploited in 2020 to undermine election integrity.

But the state’s governor and attorney general pushed back Wednesday with their own statement, slamming the DOJ’s abuse of power and misuse of resources.

“This is not a legitimate lawsuit from the Department of Justice, it’s a campaign flier,” said Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr.

“Biden’s Department of Justice is waging a shameless political attack on Georgia’s constitutional authority to regulate its elections,” he continued. “Georgia’s election system is equally accessible to all voters, and we will continue to vigorously defend the commonsense provisions of Georgia’s Election Integrity Act against these baseless, partisan attacks.”

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp also denounced the DOJ complaint as an outright deception.

“The Department of Justice attorneys would make great Hollywood screenplay writers,” he said.

“Their ‘lawsuit’ is loaded with partisan talking points and outright falsehoods because it is political propaganda aimed at justifying their unconstitutional federal takeover of elections across the country,” Kemp continued. “… Instead of weaponizing the Department of Justice against election integrity measures, this administration should focus on reigning in inflation, reducing violent crime, and securing our southern border.”

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