PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween Activities and Costumes

PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween
Activities and Costumes 1


PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween Activities and Costumes

By Ben Bartee – October 27, 2021

In its ongoing Holy War against normal American life, terrorist organization ADL (Anti-Defamation League) declared a fatwa against 2021 Halloween blasphemers, and it’s a doozy.

Often, the ADL grimly warns, Halloween “is the opposite of fun” because of the pain it brings to the marginalized communities that the ADL appointed itself the representative of.

For its self-appointed status as the supreme moral authority on the Earth, the organization receives generous multi-million dollar grants to “monitor extremism across the ideological spectrum,” identify and target infidels on behalf of governing authorities, and, of course, to funnel cash to politicians.

Frankly, it’s a miracle these religious authorities haven’t yet banned Halloween festivities altogether on the grounds that they are just too transphobic or anti-Semitic or whatever.

Activities that the ADL wants you, the filthy infidel, to understand that you’re not allowed to engage in on Halloween:

  • “cultural appropriation”
  • “cultural stereotypes”
  • “costumes that marginalize those who don’t conform to traditional gender norms”

PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween
Activities and Costumes 2

Above: the preferred example included in the ADL’s fatwa depicting acceptably non-offensive, banal Halloween costumes – although the white girl’s costume third from the left looks suspect, like a vaguely offensive Native American feather dress or something

Instead of all the above naughty stuff you’re not allowed to do, the ADL encourages parents and teachers to instead host a race/class/gender equity struggle session for the youth in which they:

  • Explain to schoolchildren about how morally repugnant/racist blackface, Mexican, Italian, and “poor” people costumes (like hobos) are — except when it’s popular liberal politician overlords; then it’s cool

PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween
Activities and Costumes 3

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface: It’s terribly wrong, of course. Nonetheless, apparently, if your Daddy was a globalist politician, and you are too, you get a pass. In fact, you get a Planetary Leadership Award from corporate sponsors.

  • “Discuss gendered messages in costumes” because “many Halloween costumes perpetuate gender stereotypes and exclude those who don’t conform to traditional gender norms, especially those who are transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming.”
  • “Take the opportunity to respect different beliefs” because “not all students in your class may celebrate Halloween because of their religious or personal beliefs.”
  • “Include all young people” by being “mindful that not all children have the financial resources to bring elaborate decorations, buy gifts or wear store-bought costumes.”

The Essential Problem With the ADL’s Terroristic Demands For Normal People With Healthy Psychologies:

In this way, the bounds of acceptable behavior are set by the craziest, most neurotically sensitive people in the room. Even worse, they are incentivized via the corporate-sponsored Oppression Olympics to squeeze those boundaries forever tighter so that the entire population is forced to tiptoe on eggshells, paranoid about crossing an imaginary line of acceptability that the social engineers are forever enclosing further and further.

The NeoLiberal Church©’s squeezing of those bounds of acceptable behavior is no longer regarded as a psychotic vice, as it has would rightly be in a sane society.

Instead, it’s now regarded as a moral virtue. The extent to which an individual is chronically offended is a measure of his/her/zer’s moral compass. If anyone, anywhere, ever, for any conceivable reason, no matter how absurd or detached from normal human psychology their objection might be, is offended by something, then the offending behavior must he banned/censored– unless, of course, that person is white, Christian, male or heterosexual, in which case their feelings are fair game for mockery.

Anyone who questions the sanity of any given claim of offense is, by definition, a racist, transphobe, Islamophobe, anti-Semite, misogynist ableist, classist, etc. The stigma sticks forever, and there is no recourse to appeal it, nor is there any opportunity for redemption. “Grace” is an alien of a concept in the Neoliberal Church© dogma as “tolerance.” The bigot is simply excommunicated from society, and disappears into oblivion.

So no one sticks out their neck. In effect, there are no social brakes on the SJW crazytrain, no one willing to push back to negotiate the social parameters of acceptable behavior into reasonable bounds as there must be in a functional society.

And we’re all taking the ADL’s crazytrain ride – at least until we decide we’ve had enough and reset the rules of the game as a society to its classical Western roots of Enlightenment principles of free expression.

Ben Bartee is a Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via his blog, Armageddon Prose, Substack, or Patreon.

PC Police Release Updated Annual List of Banned Halloween
Activities and Costumes 4


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