Pennsylvania coroner resigns after he tries to meet up with a ‘15-year-old boy’ for sex: report

Pennsylvania coroner resigns after he tries to meet up with
a ‘15-year-old boy’ for sex: report 1

Bradford County coroner Tom Carman has resigned, according to various reports, just before he was publicly exposed for trying to meet up with what he believed was a 15-year-old boy for sex, reports say.

What are the details?

According to WNEP-TV, Carman’s abrupt resignation “seemed to come out of the blue.”

Then, the station reported, more information emerged surrounding the ex-coroner’s personal business.

“Musa Harris, who calls himself the Luzerne County Predator Catcher, allegedly confronted Carman [on video] at a convenience store in Kingston,” the station noted.

Harris shot video of his interaction with Carman at the convenience store after he reportedly spoke with him online while posing as a 15-year-old boy.

Carman, according to Harris, was expecting to meet the “boy” for sex following a lewd conversation when he encountered Harris instead.

According to WENY-TV, the video streamed live to YouTube just one day before Carman’s resignation.

The video, according to WENY, “purportedly shows a man, recording himself with a camera outside of a Valero gas station in Kingston, Pennsylvania — about an hour from Bradford County near Wilkes-Barre.”

“Inside, Carman appears on video to be buying a cup of coffee,” the station continued. “When Carman exits the building, the man confronts Carman asking, ‘Are you here to meet somebody?'”

Carman then responded that he was at the convenience store to buy a cup of coffee.

“[T]he man recording the video claims to have Carman’s picture, and said ‘Let’s talk about why you’re here right now. You know I keep all screenshots on everything?'” the station continued in its report. “Carman is then seen walking away from the man and getting into his SUV, while the man follows and accuses of Carman of being a cop, and threatens to call the police.”

The videographer erroneously believed that Carman was a police officer.

Before pulling away, Carman can be heard telling the man recording, “I didn’t send you anything inappropriate, and I didn’t say I would meet you.”

(Content warning: Rough language):

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What else?

A news report from WETM-TV reported that Carman is under investigation in Luzerne County over the video.

Bradford County Commissioner Daryl Miller said that the video “puts Bradford County in a bad light.”

“However, I will say, most people working within the county go about their business in a fashion to serve the public that we’re hired to serve.”

In its report, the station added that it “reached out to Carman and County Commissioner Daryl Miller but has not heard back at this time.”

“When calling the Coroner’s Office 18 News was directed to the Bradford County 911 Center and was told that Carman was not available,” the report added. “A message was left on Carman’s cellphone after repeated calls for comment.”

No charges have been filed against Carman at the time of this reporting.

WETM reports that Carman’s vacancy will be temporarily filled by the Chief Deputy Coroner James Bowen until Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) appoints a replacement.

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