Pennsylvania issues prohibition-style ‘order’, shuts down off-premise alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve

Pennsylvania issues prohibition-style ‘order’, shuts down
off-premise alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve 1

HARRISBURG, PA — As people gather on
Thanksgiving to celebrate family and friends and reflect on the
400th anniversary of the
Mayflower Compact’s
signing, it is ironic to note the
tyranny, which the freedom-loving Pilgrims escaped from, has
returned to our great nation in the form of draconian rules created
by politicians who want to enslave a free people.

Law enforcement will be
stepping up efforts to enforce this
safety plan.

They will issue citations and fines, and possibly undertake
regulatory actions for repeat offenders.

— Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf)
November 23, 2020

The rules are clearly meant to send a message to “We the
People” that others are in control and will gladly ruin the
holidays to make this point.

I urge every Pennsylvanian to
download the COVID Alert PA so you can get a notification if you’ve
been in close contact with someone who later tests positive for

, or anonymously notify other residents if you test

Learn more + download:

— Dr. Rachel Levine (@SecretaryLevine)
October 19, 2020

For example, Dr. Rachel L. Levine, the Secretary of Health for
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, announced last week that
Pennsylvanians are required to wear masks inside their own homes if
anyone visits their household. It is not good enough that you
maintain proper social distancing.

Due to the resurgence of
COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania with significantly higher daily case
counts than in the spring and hospitalizations on the rise,
Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine announced four new mitigation
efforts on Tuesday.

— exploreClarion (@exploreclarion)
November 17, 2020

In a Nov. 23
press release
issued by Gov. Tom Wolf’s office, Levine

“As the Secretary of Health, I have issued a series of
advisories and orders intended to help stop the spread during this
critical time, to protect our hospitals, our health care workers
and the lives of our fellow Pennsylvanians.

“Our collective responsibility continues to be to protect
our communities, our health care workers and our most vulnerable
Pennsylvanians from COVID-19. That has not changed.”

… ignoring the fact that if
businesses are adhering to occupancy & time constraints
guidelines, this new edict would be moot.

They don’t want to help you, people…

…they want to crush you.

— Kevin Cox (@brooklyncowboy1)
November 23, 2020

According to Levine, modeling available from the Institute of
Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of
Washington projects that Pennsylvania will run out of intensive
care beds in December and that if mitigation efforts are not
adhered to, Pennsylvania could have more than 32,000 deaths from
COVID-19 by February.

As I mentioned above, Pa.
Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine cited data from the Institute
for Health Metrics and Evaluation that suggests that the state
could run out of ICU beds in December. Here’s the model she was
referring to.

— Justin Sweitzer (@justin_sweitzer)
November 17, 2020

press release
�also noted:

“With universal mask-wearing, those deaths can be reduced
by half.â€

“The new measures include revamped school safety
attestation, targeted business and gathering restrictions, and a
new enforcement plan that includes liability protection for
businesses enforcing the Secretary of Health’s strengthened
mask-wearing order.

“The administration is also advising all Pennsylvanians
to limit unnecessary travel and keep gatherings held in homes to
members of the same household.â€

Regarding the newly introduced liability protection for
businesses, the press release stated:

“Furthermore, to help with enforcement of existing
masking orders in businesses, the administration is introducing
liability protection for all businesses that maintain in person
operations and are open to the public.

“Businesses will receive immunity from civil liability
only as related to the Secretary’s masking order given that
individuals and entities are engaged in essential emergency
services activities and disaster services activities when enforcing
the order.â€

As long as you wear a mask

— Kevin (@kde52)
November 24, 2020

Restrictions on alcohol purchases go into effect the day before
Thanksgiving, which is a money-making day for bars and

“As Pennsylvania sees an increase in cases, the
commonwealth is strengthening gathering restrictions. All large
events and gatherings are now reduced until further

“In addition, the retail food services industry,
including bars, restaurants, and private catered events must end
alcohol sales for on-site consumption at 5 p.m. on Nov. 25, 2020

NEWS: Pa. Health Sec. Dr. Rachel Levine has issued a
one-night suspension of alcohol sales starting at 5 p.m. on
Wednesday, Nov. 25, which is the night before the Thanksgiving

November 23, 2020

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According to
, Wolf acknowledged that bars and restaurants have
been hit hard by the pandemic. Yet, he put the ban in place anyway,
but also did not penalize other businesses that can still sell
alcohol, such as liquor stores or breweries. Wolf said:

“The thing that we can’t do is ignore reality and say
‘yeah you folks, for no fault of your own, have been hit hardest
by this virus.’ But the virus is what’s doing this. It’s not
me. It’s not the administration. It’s not the

Hopefully someone goes to
court and gets this ridiculous decrees from our would be king and
deluded princess thrown out!

— Jeff Duncan (@Eyedocduncan)
November 24, 2020

Richard Rattner
, owner of the William Penn Tavern, told KDKA 2

“You wake up Monday morning, you got something to look
forward to finally as a bar and restaurant owner and the carpet
gets pulled out right from underneath you.â€

FYI: Dr. Rachel Levine is out
here saving lives across Pennsylvania and the level of transphobia
& hate some of you whinny, entitled, bratty ass restaurant
owners are giving her is dispicable.

I will be social distancing permanently from your businesses even
after the pandemic.

— Ernest Owens (@MrErnestOwens)
November 23, 2020

Rattner questioned why state liquor stores are allowed to be
open and added:

“It’s going to be a big private party night. And I
don’t think people are going to stay home. Like they feel because
of this order, I think they’re just going to push them into
unsafe predicaments.â€

Updated: Restaurant owner
responds to the controversy surrounding social media posts mocking
Pa. Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine

— Pittsburgh Current (@PghCurrent)
April 20, 2020

Failure to comply will result in the issuing of citations, fines
and regulatory actions for repeat offenders, according to the press

“Orders are enforceable as a disease control measure
under the Disease Prevention and Control Law. Citations may be
written under the Administrative Code of 1929 71 P. S. § 1409
and/or the Disease Prevention and Control Law of 1955 35 P.S. §

“The decision whether to issue a warning or a citation is
made on a case-by-case basis and determined by the unique
circumstances of each encounter.

“Persons who fail to comply with an order may be fined
between $25 and $300 dollars.

“Enforcement agencies include the Pennsylvania State
Police, local law enforcement, personnel from the departments of
Agriculture and State, and PA Liquor Control Board stores who
interact with visitors.â€

I want every Pennsylvanian to
have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

Please take care of yourselves and be aware of the risk of
as you plan your celebrations.

— Governor Tom Wolf (@GovernorTomWolf)
November 18, 2020

The Department of Health is also “bolstering its ability to
receive and respond to complaints from customers and employeesâ€
by investigating grievances via its webform and using staff from
other state agencies to help process them, according to the press

Well looks like PA needs to
have a little civil disobedience going on. Governing officials are
absolutely not using science to determine these draconian rules.
Its just to see what they can get you to obey. Don’t fall for

— Chewy (@SwagMobileTTLC)
November 23, 2020

In March, Dr. Levine was criticized for ordering long-term care
facilities in the state to continue to accept coronavirus patients
who had been discharged from hospitals, but were un­able to return
to their homes,
the Bucks County Courier Times reported

Further controversy ensued when it was learned that Levine’s
mother was moved out of a personal-care home as deaths skyrocketed.
Levine reportedly told
ABC 27

“My mother requested, and my sister and I as her
children complied, to move her to another location during the
COVID-19 outbreak.

“My mother is 95 years old. She is very intelligent
and more than competent to make her own decisions.â€

Health Secretary Dr. Rachel
­Levine should be investigated👇👇
Pennsylvania health official moved mother from nursing home as
deaths skyrocketed

— CJTRUTH (@cjtruth)
June 22, 2020

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off-premise alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve
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