Pennsylvania mandates mask-wearing inside private homes under certain circumstances

Pennsylvania mandates mask-wearing inside private homes
under certain circumstances 1

Toward the beginning of the pandemic, health officials were saying that mask-wearing was ineffective at combating the coronavirus.

Now, many “experts” have completely reversed their opinion and are hoping to force American citizens to wear masks within the comfort of their own homes.

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Health Department released a new list of orders with the hope of controlling the spread of COVID-19.

The most notable of these is an indoor mask mandate for people inside their own homes.

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“Strengthening masking order. Masks are still required. Indoors: masks now required anytime you’re with people outside of your household, even if you’re socially distant,” the Pennsylvania Health Department wrote on Twitter.

“Applies to all indoor facilities + if you have people in your home not part of your household.”

Even if the messaging on mask-wearing effectiveness had not been so mixed up until this point, this mandate is an absolutely insane overreach of government power.

The state has no right to tell private citizens what to wear within the comfort of their own homes.

Issuing a mandate of this nature is an absolute trampling of Americans’ personal liberties.

Thankfully, such an order will be virtually impossible to enforce.

In addition to that ridiculous demand, the Department of Health is also requiring “anyone who visits PA from another state” to get tested within 72 hours before entering the state.

“Issuing order requiring anyone who visits PA from another state to get tested w/in 72 hours before entering PA. Pa’ians who traveled to other states must follow same rules when coming home. Does not apply to those who commute to/from another state for work or medical treatment,” another tweet from the agency reads.

If this incredibly invasive mandate communicates anything, it is that power-hungry politicians are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to flex their bureaucratic muscles.

Their primary concern isn’t mitigating the disease; it is establishing greater government control over citizens’ personal lives.

This is because, in their minds, the government always knows what’s best for you, whether you wish to comply or not.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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