Pennsylvania Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Claims Over Invalid Ballots

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Claims Over
Invalid Ballots 1

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has agreed to hear claims by President Trump’s campaign challenging approximately 8,000 mail-in ballots, which the campaign insists should be disqualified because they were improperly filled out.

According to the claim, the ballots in question bear voter signatures, yet do not contain hand-written names, addresses or dateson the outside of their return envelopes.

The move comes after a lower court in Philadelphia denied the campaign’s request on Friday, finding that voters’ names and addresses were already pre-printed on the envelopes, while state election law left the definition of ‘filling out’ a ballot ambiguous, according to Bloomberg.

On Wednesday, the highest court in the state agreed to exercise emergency jurisdiction to rule on whether those ballots should be disqualified – and will not consider any allegations of fraud and irregularity.

Of note, there are two Republicans and five Democrats on the PA Supreme Court.

As Bloomberg notes, however, the Trump campaign has not had a lot of luck with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which ruled before a bid by the campaign to disqualify mail-in ballots which were postmarked before Election Day but received up to three days after. Meanwhile, the court also ruled on Tuesday that Republican poll watchers weren’t entitled to stand a specific distance while monitoring ballot-counts for potential fraud.

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