Invalid Ballots

Petition asks state lawmakers to throw out 'illegal ballots'

Petition asks state lawmakers to throw out 'illegal
ballots' 1

A 2020 presidential ballot featuring President Donald J. Trump against Joe Biden (Photo by Joe Kovacs)

A petition by the American Policy Center is urging state lawmakers to use their constitutional authority to “remedy” the “disenfranchisement” of voters through that massive expansion of mail-in voting that led to widespread vote fraud in the 2020 election.

The petition is based on an analysis reported Monday by WND written by two constitutional experts who argue that state lawmakers have the authority to overrule a certified vote count in their state if they have evidence it was the result of fraud or error.

Constitutional attorneys William J. Olson and Patrick M. McSweeney were responding to a National Review column in which former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy insisted that Republican-controlled state legislatures cannot appoint slates of Republican electors to the Electoral College if the voters chose the Democratic candidate.

But Olson, a former special counsel to the U.S. Postal Service board of governors, and McSweeney, a former U.S. deputy assistant attorney general and acting assistant attorney general, explained in their analysis how the outcome could change even after states certify their results.

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“During the 2020 presidential election, many of the so-called swing states, including Arizona, saw unprecedented – and unlawful – erosions of procedural safeguards as well as administration irregularities on Election Day,” they wrote. “People deserve an honest accounting of who won. … With respect to identifying and remediating fraudulent or mistaken results, it is now or never, whatever can be done must be done.”

The American Policy Center petition cited the constitutional “backstop” available when “voting illegalities, material irregularities, and outright voter fraud” has occurred.

The state lawmakers, the petition says, should be “conducting full election audits to ensure only legal votes were counted, and to ensure illegal ballots are not used in the process to elect the president.”

“Since state election officials and even some courts have failed to follow, uphold, and properly enforce Article II, Section 1 under which state legislatures exclusively have authority under the will of the people to establish the process for voting, using the extraordinary remedy of appointing electors for Donald J. Trump if there is credible and consequential evidence that the election was stolen,” the petition says.

Electors sent to the Electoral College should be “faithful to the will of the people,” the petition states.

“The events of November 3, and information that was made known before and has been made known since, show there was election fraud, illegalities, and material irregularities in the presidential election, and even demonstrate a common plan, combination, or conspiracy to violate the Constitution and disenfranchise over 73 million Americans of their votes for president,” it says.

The Trump campaign has filed recount requests and legal challenges in several states, alleging it has “significant evidence” of fraud in the election.

“Signature verification procedures of mail-in ballots were ignored or kept hidden from election integrity monitors,” the petition states. “It is being demonstrated that Dominion software switched votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

“In unprecedented lockstep, certain states stopped counting votes, sending home election monitors, and thereby increasing the opportunities for voter fraud.”

It charges there was a “coordinated effort to steal the presidency” that amounts to the “most consequential criminal conspiracy in American history, with no close second.”

“The deposit of forged ballots in the ballot boxes, no matter how small or great their number, dilutes the influence of honest votes in an election, and whether in greater or less degree is immaterial. The right to an honest [count] is a right possessed by each voting elector, and to the extent that the importance of his vote is nullified, wholly or in part, he has been injured in the free exercise of a right or privilege secured to him by the laws and Constitution of the United States,” the petition charges.

It means that “the votes of over 73 million Americans were illegally and unconstitutionally diluted in a widespread manner by the voting illegalities, material irregularities, and outright voter fraud in key Democratic-run localities.”


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Invalid Ballots
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