Pirro on Disputed Presidential Election: 'Don't You Dare Ask Us to Go Quietly into the Night'

Pirro on Disputed Presidential Election: 'Don't You Dare Ask
Us to Go Quietly into the Night' 1

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Jeanine Pirro decried critics of those raising questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and argued there were numerous areas of concern that warranted those questions.

Pirro declared the media do not call elections and that it was an obligation for President Donald Trump’s supporters to seek answers.

PIRRO: The most important part of democracy is to do it correctly. Most important question tonight is, did we in 2020? There is no magic in electing a President. Americans do it every four years, just as our Founding Fathers planned. Yet, this is a life-changing moment in American history.

America will either go one way or the other. And so it not only requires but demands all due diligence be exercised in this highly contested presidential election.

There is both an ethical and the legal obligation to the 73 million Americans, the highest number ever to vote for a sitting President to assure them that every legal vote is counted and not diluted in any way.

Wouldn’t that be something we’d all want? Our democratic system is the path and the process used to achieve the fundamental right of one man, one vote. There are, however, several steps before this election can be called. The media does not call an election.

No one state has yet even certified its vote. Certification, in fact, has not even begun. In fact, the electors do not vote until December 14. We have one President at a time and until there are certifications or the electors vote on December 14, the democratic process must be allowed to play out.

But many questions remain. On election night around midnight, President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. And then one by one, the complaints now in the form of affidavits and lawsuits started coming in.

Now an affidavit is a sworn statement. It is signed under the penalty of perjury. It is a factual allegation that is generally part of a complaint seeking relief. In this case, the affidavits of individuals that are the basis of many of the complaints around the country, now a part of official lawsuits are as follows.

As a judge, these affidavits are fundamental in our justice system. In fact, most causes of action cannot even begin without a factual basis contained in affidavits, people promising that their statement is true, and that they are ready to be charged with perjury if they lie.

Now the affidavits are as follows. GOP poll watchers were cursed and were not allowed in the room. We heard complaints that 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden were switched. Repeated complaints of people not asking for ballots, but receiving many have been sworn to and affidavits.

The Secretary of State in Georgia and a Supreme Court Judge in Pennsylvania, altered the process for handling ballots with absolutely no power to unilaterally change the Constitution. Article 1 Section 4.

The Dominion Software System has been tagged as one allegedly capable of flipping votes. Now, you’ll hear from Sidney Powell in a few minutes, who will explain what she has unearthed in the creation of Dominion. And yet, we are criticized because we’re asking questions.

I even saw myself on CNN this week.


PIRRO: We believe in free speech. We believe in accepting winners and not being sore losers.


PIRRO: That still holds true. But anyone who says this election doesn’t deserve a closer look is a hypocrite.

If you want a free and fair election, there must be a resolution of the issues that so many people are swearing to in affidavits.

A primmer by the way, in the 2000 presidential race, the Democrats took their case in their candidate to the United States Supreme Court. The presidency then wasn’t resolved until December 13th of that year, a month from where we are now.

In 2016, Hillary may have conceded, but there were recount efforts in Wisconsin, and efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan where Democrats challenged the votes. Certifications were not filed until December 13, a month from now.

Look, folks, under the cover of COVID, rules were changed, providing opportunities for wrongdoers. COVID cannot be used to run heard on our Constitution. COVID is not a prophylactic that prevents us from exercising our constitutional fundamental right to vote.

And Joe Biden, well, he had his own view of the opportunity it presented.


JOE BIDEN: We have put together I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.


PIRRO: So I ask, why were rules and procedures changed just before the election in Pennsylvania and Georgia because of COVID? There are affidavits and e-mails that prove that voters in Democrat counties are treated differently than voters in Republican counties.

Whether the poll watchers who have a legal right to view were forced out, pushed back as far as 60 feet or not even allowed in to do what they have a legal right to do.

Why would the Democrats want to ban election observers as they count the ballots? Do they not think they could win honestly? Why were there so many unsolicited ballots without verification signatures? Ballots without postmarks?

Why did a judge in Pennsylvania go outside his power to extend the deadline to receive mail-in ballots after the legislature? The only constitutional body permitted to do so refused to do so?

And why did a Trump-hating Secretary of State in Georgia agree with Stacey Abrams? And there is a lawsuit by Lin Wood in the United States District Court in Georgia contesting those decisions.

Why were signature requirements loosened and mail-in valid signatures not required to match voter registration rolls? Pray tell.

Now I believe in the resurrection, but dead people voting? I don’t think so. Like the mother who swore that her dead son was indeed dead, but that he voted twice. I don’t think so and neither did she.

And those voting machines created by Dominion, stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

Now, the left talks about bringing the country together after they created four years of chaos, accusing Trump of sowing doubt in our democracy, saying that his questioning of this election is a danger to America as if the election process being changed in the middle of an election is no big deal as if a little fraud is okay.

And they lash out on any voting challenge, casting it as a temper tantrum by us. Really? We are the ones having the temper tantrum?

The question ultimately is, will any of these allegations affect the sufficient number of votes to change the result of the election? Maybe yes, maybe no.

If the answer is President Trump did not win, then on January 20, Joe Biden will be my President. But until then, President Trump is my President because America has only one President at a time.

And in the meantime, please don’t tell me that we cannot examine the ballots. Please do not tell me that we cannot pursue these irregularities. That’s laughable.

The left didn’t stop on Election Day in 2016. And with all due respect, the left boycotted President Trump’s inauguration. They marched in Washington in their pussy hats and had a hissy fit for four years.

In fact, the left spied on Trump before he was even President. For three years, we heard he was an illegitimate President, that Russia tipped the scales in his favor, that he was a Putin puppet, and that he was a fascist.

We were spit at, refuse serviced, cursed at, maligned, screamed at, boycotted and canceled. Businesses were burnt, looted and destroyed by the left.

Chaos, defund the police.

President Trump was not given a moment’s peace. He was impeached over a legitimate phone call. It was nothing more than a political move. The group that brought us resist, impeach and burn down cities extorted us with their chaos.

Oh no. We will pursue all legal avenues where there are irregularities, anomalies, illegalities and corruption. And until the certification and the electors vote, that is not a lot to ask.

So don’t you dare ask us to just accept it and move on. And don’t you dare tell me I’m being un-American by questioning what even a Supreme Court Justice has put a hold on. And don’t you dare ask us to go quietly into the night.

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