Please Help The Gateway Pundit Continue to Give You the TRUTH, Uncensored — Join Our Subscription Program

Please Help The Gateway Pundit Continue to Give You the
TRUTH, Uncensored — Join Our Subscription Program 1

The left, the tech giants, the fake news media, internet trolls and the people at Dominion Voting Machines continue their assault on The Gateway Pundit.

After deleting us from Twitter and shadowbanning us on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and Instagram, they’re now striking at our ability to make any income at all.

Despite this our website continues to grow, year after year!

Since  our beginning, The Gateway Pundit has been ad-supported. While some conservative sites have big money donors or foundations behind them, we never have.  This is not a secret and the demonic left knows this.

TRENDING: “Our Country is Being Destroyed at the Southern Border” – Trump Rips Into Democrats in New Statement on the Crisis at the Border

We have only the revenue generated by ads on our website – And now Leftists want to take that away.

Recently leftists at the big advertising companies are “flagging” our posts as “inappropriate” for advertisers. In the last week, they flagged over 200 of our articles. They even flagged our article on the Pope’s visit to Iraq!

This is a concerted effort to punish us and eliminate us.

Leftists are using their power over advertising to hurt us.

To fix this, we recently launched a new subscription program.

It does two main things:

  • Gives you a way to support The Gateway Pundit directly.
  • Removes almost all the ads on Gateway Pundit (so Leftists can no longer get in the way).

If you’d like to help Gateway Pundit by subscribing, we’ve got two options:

** Click here to help Gateway Pundit and subscribe.

And, Thank you!

*Ad-free experience may not exclude highly native, low-impact ads or ads within Facebook instant articles. Video ads served from third party players, outside of The Gateway Pundit’s control, may also still appear. By subscribing you are also opting in to receiving communications and updates from The Gateway Pundit.

Thank you again for your tremendous support!

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