Polish American Warns Those Who Haven’t Lived Under Communism: What Matters is ‘Who Counts the Votes’

Polish American Warns Those Who Haven’t Lived Under
Communism: What Matters is ‘Who Counts the Votes’ 1

A U.S. citizen originally from Poland told NTD at the Washington D.C. rally on Saturday that it has been “really heartbreaking” to see America’s courts and institutions ignoring citizens’ claims of voter fraud without a way to independently show the transparency and accountability of the country’s voting systems.

“My family and I came from communism, and what we’re noticing here is really heartbreaking … that no matter who votes, it’s who counts the votes [that matters], the old saying goes,” the man, who gave the name Tom, said, referring to a saying often attributed to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin but closer to Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza’s quote, “You won the elections, but I won the count.”

“In this election, with so many [sic] fraud we see, with the lawsuits … it’s overwhelming, and it’s really heartbreaking that this is happening in America,” Tom said.

“In Poland, we went from communism, to post-communism,” he said of his home country. “All the old people just basically ‘changed ties,’ as it were. There was never a decommunization of Poland. That’s why we left. And again, to see this kind of resurrected here where your vote doesn’t count, it’s really dumbfounding.”

Tom said that after Soviet-occupied Poland was liberated, the communist judges were not removed, and the ideology the people were immersed in during the Soviet invasion is still plaguing the country today.

“That’s what we’re struggling [with] right now in Poland. There was a big push for the president to decommunize the courts.

“Those communist judges, they just change ties, as it were. But they’re still ruling, they’re still in courts. But here, you still expect the courts to be independent. Hopefully, there’s no communists in the United States courts—well that’s debatable—but there’s some similarities that unfortunately I myself see and people like myself see.”

When asked about is he was concerned for America’s future, Tom warned, “That’s what myself and my family coming from that system [in Poland] is worried about—how deeply this was rooted here for decades that the indoctrinating, it’s … you have to believe in God, that’s your last resort.”

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