Politico Bureau Chief: Congressional Democrats Blame Far-Left for 'Debacle' in Virginia

Politico Bureau Chief: Congressional Democrats Blame
Far-Left for 'Debacle' in Virginia 1

Congressional Democrats have reportedly begun to blame the far-left for the sound drubbing of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Tuesday night in Virginia.

Politico’s co-Congressional Bureau Chief Heather Caygle said Democrat members are “already texting me blaming progressives for ‘debacle’ in Virginia.”

After Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin had a clear lead when the polls closed Tuesday evening, Democrats expressed their frustration with the party’s infighting. The Democrat Party is at odds with one another over certain policies the far-left are demanding to be included within President Joe Biden’s reconciliation framework.

Youngkin’s victory in Virginia is giving the Democrats a “sense of unsettlement,” David Axelrod admitted, noting he believes Biden’s radical policies, championed by the far-left, should have been a “return to normalcy.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper said Tuesday there is “a lot of frustration” over Biden’s radical policies, which have increased inflation. “There is a discontent,” Tapper remarked about the party’s disillusioned infighting.

Tapper also remarked that the lackluster “defund the police” movement in Minnesota and the socialist candidate trailing in Buffalo, New York, are “a message clearly directed at the Democratic Party” that voters are unhappy with radical policies pushed by hard-left politicians.

CNN commentator Van Jones suggested voters elected Youngkin because they are dissatisfied with far-left education policies. Jones mentioned that “a bunch of moms don’t like” the policies of the far-left “and they rose up.”

Jones also said the devastating election in Virginia was reason for Democrats to change direction and become less radical. “Biden’s struggles are bigger than this issue [education policy],” Jones said. “The Democratic Party — I mean everyone I’m talking to tonight — they’re saying this is a big, big wakeup call.”

Congressional Democrats went into Tuesday’s election with hopes of passing Biden’s reconciliation framework, which includes many far-left policies. But with Democrats struggling to win Tuesday’s elections with a far-left agenda, such as defunding police and parents not being allowed to direct their children’s education, it is unclear if Democrats can overcome the political loss and pass radical policies.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), however, told reporters Tuesday evening he is not backing down from his radical proposals in the reconciliation package. Sanders proposes subsidizing more housing in Democrat states to combat the price increases home shoppers are facing since Biden’s presidency.

“The truth is that in high tax states like New York and California, housing is enormously expensive, and it’s getting more expensive every day,” Sanders said. “People are paying a whole lot in property taxes. I think we should deal with that to the degree that it impacts the middle class and part of the upper middle class.”

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