Poll: 57% of Texas Voters Disapprove of Biden's Handling of Immigration and Border Security

Poll: 57% of Texas Voters Disapprove of Biden's Handling of
Immigration and Border Security 1

A new poll reveals that many Texans are furious about how the Biden administration is handling the crisis at the southern border.

Fifty-seven percent of Texas voters overall disapprove of President Joe Biden’s “handling of immigration and border security,” the University of Texas and The Texas Tribune found.

When looking at Republicans alone, a whopping 89 percent disapprove of the president’s leadership, which has arguably created an unnecessary burden on law enforcement and border communities.

The poll also discovered that 34 percent of Texans considered immigration at the southern border to be the state’s biggest issue at the moment.

The poll surveyed 1,200 registered voters online from June 10 to June 21, with a margin of error of +/- 2.83 percentage points.


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These numbers are in line with what many conservatives have been saying this entire time about the border.

Vice President Kamala Harris only took her vanity trip to El Paso, Texas, last week, months after migrant encounters surged.

“This issue cannot be reduced to a political issue. We’re talking about children. We’re talking about families. We’re talking about suffering,” Harris said, according to NPR.

“Our approach has to be thoughtful and effective.”

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While the border is supposed to be an issue for the federal government, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced earlier this month that he would try to continue construction of the border wall and take other precautions to stop the high number of border crossings at a state level.

Former President Donald Trump will be visiting the Rio Grande Valley along with Republican lawmakers and the governor in what will likely also be a glorified photo-op with a somewhat greater degree of urgency.

Trump is most likely in attendance in order to bring in press coverage, so hopefully those who are currently in office will feel equipped to take action following the visit.


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Politically convenient trips to South Texas aside, the Biden administration has consistently shafted Texans by reinstating catch-and-release and providing minimal support to border officials.

In addition, the White House has done little to discourage people from coming across the border besides empty and infrequent rhetoric telling migrants not to come.

Texans have every right to be furious with the federal government and the president, as he has done next to nothing to solve this ongoing issue.


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