Poll: Biden Approval Tanks Among Black Voters

Poll: Biden Approval Tanks Among Black Voters 1

President Biden’s approval is tanking among black voters, an Emerson College survey released this week found.

The survey showed Biden’s overall disapproval increasing yet again in the last two months, going from 47 percent in September to 50 percent in November. Overall, that is an 11-point increase in overall disapproval since February. Meanwhile, in that same timeframe, his approval has dropped from 49 percent to 41 percent from February to November. 

According to the survey, the greatest drop in overall approval is among black voters, taking a double-digit drop from 72 percent in February to 52 percent in November. Similarly, Hispanic support dropped from 56 percent to 50 percent. 

Biden is not the Democrat figure suffering, as respondents indicated they would support a Republican congressional candidate over a Democrat candidate in the 2022 midterm elections, 49 percent to 42 percent. 

The survey, taken November 3-4, 2021, among 1,000 registered voters, has a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

The survey comes as Americans express negative opinions of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, as a plurality, 39 percent, say it would have a “negative” impact on their life.

Overall, Biden’s agenda has done little to elevate minorities, as black unemployment, particularly, declined over the summer:

White employment rose by 1.1 million in July. Asian employment rose by around 267,000. Black employment actually declined. Hispanic employment, which is counted separately and includes people of any race, rose.

The job losses were concentrated among black men. Black women gained jobs for the month.

The black labor force participation rate fell in July. So did the labor force participation rate for Hispanic women. These were two demographic groups hit the hardest by the pandemic. The worry is that the resurgent virus is once again having an earlier and bigger impact on jobs for the most economically vulnerable in the U.S.

The declining approval ratings among black voters coincides with a Morning Consult poll released in September, showing Biden losing support from the same demographic following the announcement of the federal vaccine mandate.

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