Poll: Key Democrat Voting Demographics Oppose Canceling Voter ID Laws

Poll: Key Democrat Voting Demographics Oppose Canceling
Voter ID Laws 1

President Joe Biden is eying legislation moving through Congress that would render voter ID laws illegal in 35 states. However, many key demographics that voted Biden into office support those laws.

According to the Honest Election Project, Biden voters, Latino citizens, and black Americans overwhelmingly support voter ID laws as follows:

  • Biden voters support Voter ID by 38 points: 62-24 percent
  • Black American voters support Voter ID by 42 points: 64-22 percent
  • Latino voters support Voter ID by 62 points: 78-16 percent

The poll also found that only 29 percent of voters know about the bill and what it contains. Another one in three voters who understood the bill support it.

Sen Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has called the bill, dubbed “For the People Act” or H.R.1, “replete with problems,” while Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has said the legislation would “completely consolidate power for all time” and “destroy conservatives and the Republican party completely.”

If the legislation fails, many believe the defeat will spur the Democrats to abandon the filibuster, whereby only 51 Senate votes could change American’s voting system without so much as a floor debate.

Despite the bill’s unpopularity among key demographics, Democrats are pushing it through Congress, with a hearing in the Senate Rules Committee Wednesday.

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