Poll: Only 61 Percent of Registered Voters Believe Biden Won 2020 Election 'Fair and Square'

Poll: Only 61 Percent of Registered Voters Believe Biden Won
2020 Election 'Fair and Square' 1

A poll Monday indicates only 61 percent of registered voters believe President Joe Biden won the 2020 election ‘fair and square.’

The Monmouth poll also found that “one-third of Americans continue to believe Joe Biden won the presidency only due to voter fraud,” the same number as in November.

Monmouth explains the demographic who believes the election was won due to fraud:

At first glance in the crosstabs, it looks like the number of “Republicans” who believe this has been trending down while the number of independents who agree has ticked up. However, this appears to be a product of a shift in how Republicans identify themselves, with some moving their self-affiliation from being partisan to being an “independent” who leans partisan.

When all Republican identifiers and leaners are combined, the number who believe Biden won only because of voter fraud has been fairly stable (63% now, 64% in March, 69% in January, and 66% in November).

While the number of those who believe Biden did not win “fair and square” remains relatively constant, those who approve of Biden’s performance are decreasing.

A Wednesday poll indicated Biden’s approval rating continues a downward trend in June from 49 percent to 48 percent.

Biden had an approval rating when he took office at 54 percent.

The Monmouth poll was sponsored and conducted from June 9 to 14 with a national random sample of 810 adults. The respondents identified themselves as 24 percent Republican. 44 percent independent, and 32 percent Democrat.

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