Poll: Voters Are Overwhelmingly Concerned About Inflation

Poll: Voters Are Overwhelmingly Concerned About
Inflation 1

Voters in battleground districts are overwhelmingly concerned about inflation and the rising cost of living, according to a recent poll commissioned by the American Action Network to show to the House Republican leadership this week.

Eighty-eight percent of the respondents said they are worried about the rising cost of living, and 53 percent had said they were extremely or very worried. When asked about the rising inflation, 86 percent of the respondents said they were worried, and about half (50 percent) of the respondents said they were extremely or very worried.

Seventy-nine percent were also worried about the rising gas prices, with 49 percent saying they were extremely or very worried. Plus, 73 percent of respondents are worried about the “Impending Tax Increases,” 47 percent of whom said they were extremely or very worried.

Additionally, 76 percent agreed with the statement that: “Prices on everything from gas to groceries to even lumber are skyrocketing. Inflation is hitting hard-working middle-class families the hardest.” The percentage rose to 82 percent with middle-class respondents. Sixty-nine percent of independent voters agreed.

More so, one part that shows good support for Republicans is that 75 percent of the respondents also agreed it is the “Democrat spending proposals that could cause inflation.” Due to these results, 84 percent of the respondents said they would vote generic Republican, versus the 10 percent that said they would vote for the generic Democrat.

Looking further at the results, 59 percent of the middle-class respondents also agreed that “The recent massive increase in government spending is the primary cause of inflation, driving up the cost of living.”

The American Action Network also identified key takeaways from the poll:

Conservatives have clear winning arguments over liberals on economic issues and concerns. Rising prices and inflation are the cornerstone of this economic argument, with a secondary element focused on the labor shortage due to the Democratic-pushed extended unemployment benefits. A continued push for tax increases to pay for far-left liberal programs should only further elevate our economic arguments.

The American Action Network tasked Tarrance Group and American Viewpoint to conduct interviews of registered voters in 51 battleground Congressional districts between June 22 to 29. The survey was asked to 1,009 people with a margin of error +/- 3.1 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent.

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