Poll Watcher: Blatant Violations in Michigan

Poll Watcher: Blatant Violations in Michigan 1

Attorney David Evans volunteered as a Republican poll watcher in Michigan’s Wayne County. He’s one among a number of people who’ve submitted accounts to the Trump campaign of alleged fraud and illegal election practices taking place in Michigan.

He said, “I have monitored a lot of elections in the last 20 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.” Evans says what went on in Detroit’s TCF Center the evening after Election Day was the worst of what he saw.

There, he says, Republican volunteers, or challengers, who have the legal right to be in there, were blocked from entering the ballot counting hall.

Evans says President Trump is correct, that these incidents should be investigated.

David Evans said: “In the United States, the people control the government. And when you engage in fraudulent voting, it’s somebody else other than the people, that are controlling that vote and therefore controlling the government. So you’ve got to ensure that everything is done 100 percent correctly.”

Evans claims he saw other illegal activity at other polling places, like voting from vehicles without the presence of observers from each political party and a failure to properly secure ballots.

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