Poll Watcher: Suspicious Biden Vote Swarm

Poll Watcher: Suspicious Biden Vote Swarm 1

Trump supporters in Michigan are saying they personally witnessed suspicious activities at polling sites.

“Trucker” Randy Bishop is a Republican poll challenger.

He told us about what he saw on election night at the TCF Center, also called Cobo Hall.

The convention center in downtown Detroit is where election officials blocked about 30 people, mostly Republicans on Nov. 3. Officials say that was to prevent the spread of the virus.

Officials also placed cardboard over the windows to stop people outside from looking into the room.

Bishop was working as a Republican challenger to watch the vote counting.

He said at around 2 a.m. on Nov. 4, the counting boards were running out of ballots to count and some people already started taking a nap. At the time, Trump was leading by about 120,000 votes. GOP Senate candidate John James was also in the lead.

The election officials then asked people to take a break.

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