Pompeo Campaigns With James Lankford, Who Apologized To Black People After Briefly Contesting 2020 Election

Pompeo Campaigns With James Lankford, Who Apologized To
Black People After Briefly Contesting 2020 Election 1

Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, widely considered to be a future presidential candidate, is set to campaign alongside controversial Sen. James Lankford (R-OK). Lankford was scorned by supporters of President Donald Trump after he broke his promise to contest the electoral college votes on January 6, and leading many to speculate that he may vote to impeach the 45th President, and wrote a letter apologizing to black people who supported Joe Biden for briefly contesting the election before voting to install Biden as president.

Local media reports that Mike Pompeo, who prior to serving in the Trump administration was a U.S. Representative for the state of Kansas, is set to appear at two campaign events with Sen. James Lankford. KJRH reports that “Pompeo is endorsing Sen. Lankford in his re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate. The first joint event is a forum being hosted at the University of Tulsa’s Performance Center on Wednesday” and “Later, Sen. Lankford and Pompeo will host their second forum of the day at Oklahoma Christian University’s Baugh Auditorium, starting at 4 p.m.”

Thus far, President Donald Trump has not made an endorsement in the race. Many believe Lankford’s primary opponent, Jackson Lahmeyer, has a realistic chance of unseating Lankford as the Republican Party candidate for U.S. Senate. On Facebook, Lahmeyer acknowledged that Lankford and Pompeo “are friends and served together in Congress” but warned the former Secretary of State that he may not realize “the bad look he is presenting to associating with Lankford. Oklahomans are very upset about this.” (READ MORE: Pompeo’s State Dept Uses Taxpayer Dollars, Facebook Fact Checkers to Fight ‘Misinformation and Propaganda’)

Lahmeyer added, “I think Mike Pompeo should cancel his events with Lankford and instead FIGHT against the Deep State.” Lahmeyer then posted a link to an anti-Lankford website, The Real James Lankford, which reveals that Lankford voted with the Biden administration 51.8% of the time, agreed with the Biden regime’s decision to target election integrity efforts in Georgia, mocked President Trump’s border security measures and said “We don’t need a wall,” and suggested U.S. military bases be renamed to appease vocal minorities. Most damning, the website notes that Lankford promised Oklahoma voters he would object to certifying the 2020 presidential election, but instead “flip-flopped, broke his word, and cowardly certified the election.”

In January of this year, Lankford also wrote a letter to black Biden supporters in which he claimed his original decision to contest the 2020 election was racist and disenfranchised “the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit.” He added, “When I announced my support for an Electoral Commission to spend 10 days auditing the results of the Presidential Election, it was never my intention to disenfranchise any voter or state,” but acknowledged, “In this instance, I should have recognized how what I said and what I did could be interpreted by many of you,” Lankford concluded. “I deeply regret my blindness to that perception, and for that I am sorry.”

On Facebook, Lahmeyer noted that radio host and former Trump administration member Sebastian Gorka is campaigning for Lahmeyer, and is joined by General Michael Flynn, who began campaigning for Lahmeyer in March.

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