Powell Alerts SCOTUS of New Evidence Filed in Michigan Case

Powell Alerts SCOTUS of New Evidence Filed in Michigan
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Attorney Sidney Powell on Sunday alerted the U.S. Supreme Court to new evidence filed in her legal team’s Michigan lawsuit related to the state’s Dominion Voting Systems voting equipment, as she called on the court to intervene in her cases challenging the integrity and outcome of the 2020 elections in four states.

Powell in a letter notified the court of two batches of recently obtained evidence, the first of which she said came from an initial forensic analysis of Dominion voting machines in Michigan’s Antrim County that was prepared under a protective order issued on Dec. 4 by Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, who is overseeing the case.

The former federal prosecutor, who has been seen working alongside Trump’s legal team pushing election challenges, said that the initial results of the ongoing expert analysis provide “new information and evidence” as it relates to the Nov. 3 election in Antrim County.

“By logical extrapolation, [the analysis] explains voting anomalies and evinces fraud throughout the Dominion Voting Systems,” Powell wrote. “The new evidence specifically provides additional and conclusive evidence of election fraud and irregularities pertaining to the Nov. 3, 2020 election.”

“The final ‘certified tally’ in Michigan reflected a slim margin of Mr. Biden’s vote count to be 146,000 over that of President Trump, with just under 10 million people living in Michigan,” she said.

Powell asserted that the newly obtained evidence “is directly relevant to Petitioners’ Emergency Petition Under Rule 20 for Extraordinary Writ of Mandamus” before the Supreme Court, as it corroborates and supports the existing record of evidence proving massive election fraud, multiple violations of the Michigan Election Code, federal statutes, and the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

It came shortly after Powell announced Friday that she had filed emergency requests to the nation’s top court, asking the justices to order officials in Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona to immediately de-certify their 2020 election results and to prevent the states’ presidential electors from casting votes in the electoral college.

An emergency filing is also anticipated for her Wisconsin case. The filings aim to maintain the status quo in the states in order to give the Supreme Court time to consider the allegations presented in her lawsuits.

Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell in Washington on Dec. 13, 2020. (Otabius Williams/The Epoch Times)

Her letter outlines new affidavits from two forensic experts who allege that international interference took place in the 2020 election, and that Dominion systems were connected to foreign systems around the globe.

Powell said that two Military Intelligence analysts have signed sworn affidavits stating that the SSL certificates from dominionvoting.com were used multiple times from Canada, Serbia, and the United States.

“Additionally, the affidavits detail evidence demonstrating that Sequoia Capital seeded or funded Dominion Voting Systems and HSBC Toronto acquired from Dominion Voting Systems 18 patents representing intellectual property of Dominion Voting Systems. These patents all pertain to direct interfaces with the U.S. election process by means of ballots, systems, and machines,” Powell wrote.

“This affidavit further reveals that a Toronto-based Chinese bank (HSBC) secures the intellectual patents pertaining to direct access to the U.S. election systems and equipment from Dominion Voting Systems,” Powell said in her letter, stating that the information contained in the affidavits further demonstrates foreign interference in the Nov. 3 election.

Powell last month said that prior analysis of server logs on Dominion’s machines in Georgia primary elections showed “remote access into those servers in the middle of the night when no election workers were around,” possibly by Dominion employees overseas or “on behalf of adverse nation-states such as Iran and China.”

The allegation is based on a redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence.

The attorney told The Epoch Times last week that due to alleged foreign interference in the Nov. 3 election, “it’s more than sufficient to trigger” President Donald Trump’s executive order on foreign interference issued in 2018.

Powell asked that the latest evidence from the forensic examination be filed under seal, citing “significant implications for national security” and due to the protective order under which it was obtained. She noted that there is a hearing in the Michigan court scheduled for Monday morning on the plaintiffs’ motion to unseal the report.

“This evidence is crucial to a just resolution of the cases pending before this court,” Powell concluded.

Janita Kan and Jan Jekielek contributed to this report.

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