President Trump Shames and Destroys Far-Left Jorge Ramos “We Won the Election!”

President Trump Shames and Destroys Far-Left Jorge Ramos “We
Won the Election!” 1

Liberals want President Trump to claim that the BIG LIE didn’t happen.  What will they do when all the ballots are forensically counted in all the states?

President Trump was in South Texas yesterday to view the destruction the Obama/Biden Administration have caused with their policies of opening the Southern Border.  It’s a total mess.  Anyone with eyes can see for themselves.

During his visit, far-left Jorge Ramos tried to get the President to claim the Big Lie, that the Obama/Biden gang didn’t steal the election.  The Big Lie is the terrible fraud that Joe Biden won the 2020 Election.

Per the Palmieri Report:

TRENDING: “CNN’s About Controlling Negroes, That’s What It Stands [For], Controlling Negroes” – Vernon Jones DESTROYS CNN Reporter

Ramos bragged about his encounter with President Trump on his Twitter account.

Ironically, Ramos tweeted this right after the above tweet – he’s not really bright:

Twitter is getting to be the place for far-left nuts only after they removed all prominent conservatives on their site.  No wonder it’s collapsing and losing equity as people find other sites with better features and no censorship:

Twitter Stock Drops – Trump: “I Guess That’s What Happens When You Go Against FREEDOM OF SPEECH!”

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