PREVIEW: Arizona Audit Draft Shows 55K+ Fraudulent Votes

PREVIEW: Arizona Audit Draft Shows 55K+ Fraudulent
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EDITOR’S NOTE: This story will be updated.

Leaked drafts of the Arizona Senate’s forensic audit report shows that enough illegal and fraudulent ballots entered the 2020 presidential election for the legislature to decertify President Joe Biden‘s supposed victory, The Gateway Pundit reported.

According to an early and unverified summary, the forensic audit found more potentially invalid votes than the margin that separates Biden from former President Donald Trump in the official results.


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More than 55,000 potentially illegal ballots.

Raw Forensic Data

The number of illegal ballots found in Maricopa County (more than 55,000) is over 4 times the current amount separating President Trump and Joe Biden.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) September 24, 2021

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Arizona’s official results declared Biden the winner by about 11,000 votes.

Three categories contained the vast majority of potentially illegal ballots: mail-in ballots sent and cast from a voter’s previous address, voters who cast ballots in multiple counties, and voters who cast more mail-in ballots than they received.

These three categories reportedly resulted in more than 42,000 fraudulent votes.

Another 17 categories of illegal election practices contributed the remaining 13,000 possibly fraudulent votes.

The corporate media has operated a propaganda campaign to prepare Americans to reject the forensic audit’s results.

Mainstream outlets redoubled that effort in the past few days by spreading false reports that Cyber Ninjasthe company that conducted the audithad confirmed Biden’s alleged victory.

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican, said the draft report does not contain the audit’s full findings, meaning that fraud in the election could exceed 55,000 votes.

I just talked to Doug Logan via phone. The leaked draft is simply a draft and is only a partial report. Tomorrow’s hearing will render findings of great consequence. Then he said “God is in control”. Please pray for our audit team tomorrow as they present their findings.🙏🙏🙏

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) September 24, 2021

The Arizona Senate will release the full report at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward called for a full canvass of the state’s results based on the draft report.

Mail in and absentee voting is ripe for fraud. We need a full canvass of Arizona. And Attorney General @brnoforaz needs to do it.

— Dr. Kelli Ward 🇺🇸 (@kelliwardaz) September 24, 2021

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