Pro-Biden Group: Voters Mostly Clueless About Joe Biden's 'Accomplishments'

Pro-Biden Group: Voters Mostly Clueless About Joe Biden's
'Accomplishments' 1

Unite the Country, a pro-Biden super PAC, released a memo saying President Joe Biden’s voters are overwhelmingly clueless about any of his accomplishments, which will affect the Democrats in the midterms.

The super PAC has conducted focus groups in battleground states. The information gathered from the focus groups does not look good from the president or his team going into the midterm elections, as the Democrats are trying to save their very slim majority in the House and Senate.

Politico reported that a strategy memo from the super PAC had shown the Democrats are looking at losing in the midterms unless the party takes a “more aggressive approach in touting the president’s $2 trillion Covid-relief bill and defining his infrastructure proposal.”

According to the outlet:

“Unfortunately, the [American Rescue Plan] and these other proposals remain worryingly undefined in the public consciousness and voters are primed with misinformation that helps Republican justify their opposition,” the memo reads. “Democrats must communicate much more aggressively to define success for the ARP and to explain why it is important to pass the American Jobs Act and the American Families Plan.”

“Even among voters who have a favorable view of Joe Biden, there is a real lack of information about the specifics of the Biden Agenda. Their information about Biden often falls in line with internet disinformation, and Fox-News driven spin — specifically, both groups pointed to the small percentage of foreign assistance in the American Rescue Plan as reasons to oppose it,” the memo reads. “Many were concerned that the good things in the Biden infrastructure/families [plans] that had wide-scale support would get screwed up in the lawmaking progress.”

“The mood in the country is still overwhelmingly anxious,” the memo went on. “More voters are expressing cautious optimism about the way things are going in the country these days, especially compared to this point a year ago, but the majority of voters remain overwhelmingly concerned.”

The battleground states that the pro-Biden organization conducted its focus groups in were Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The voters were said to not only have had “doubt in President Joe Biden’s ability to avoid the typical losses the party in the White House faces during a president’s first midterm election,” but the group also found the “difficulties that come in translating policy initiatives into political successes.”

Politico stated that the memo has suggested the administration also failed to “sell” the stimulus bill to their voting base, adding that this happened despite Biden’s cabinet members’ push to visit states and brag about their plan. In the period approaching the midterms, the group is set to specifically target “college-educated voters who supported Biden in 2020, Black voters who support Biden but are less likely to turn out in midterm elections, and white working-class voters, particularly women.”

Amanda Loveday, a Unite, the Country senior adviser, said they are “putting together a plan for the fall leading into next year, which obviously will be a big year for most.” The group has not said how much they are looking to spend on the midterms.

Loveday also said the group is looking to provide a “reset” on the voters now that former President Trump is out of office. She said, “You’re not only having to talk to people about those successes, you also have to clean up the mess from the last four years.”

Mike Berg, a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman, said the “Democrats’ majority is doomed because the only thing voters know about their socialist stimulus is that it caused massive inflation and a labor shortage.”

Last month, Breitbart News’s Ashley Oliver spoke with Nick Rathod, a Democrat and the former deputy director of Intergovernmental Affairs in former President Barack Obama’s administration. He said the Democrats still have yet to make a case for why Americans should vote for them in the 2022 midterm elections.

When asked if he was worried about the Democrats’ possibilities in the midterms, he told Breitbart News, “Yes,” adding, “I do think that people are looking for results from the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress, and we’re going to have to produce something.”

Rathod also mentioned, “Democrats need to do a better job of communicating our vision and why a reelection for us would be strong, and I haven’t seen that case being made.”

Rathod also gave some credit to the Republicans by mentioning their “good job of building an infrastructure to support elections, communications, policymaking, developing a real pipeline for candidates, and that type of thing.” He thinks Democrats do not have a “robust infrastructure in the states to do that.”

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