Pro-McAuliffe Media Propagandists Freak Out After GOP Sweeps Virginia

Pro-McAuliffe Media Propagandists Freak Out After GOP Sweeps
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Corporate media went berserk on Tuesday night into Wednesday after it was clear that Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor’s race and that the GOP also claimed victory in the elections for lieutenant governor, attorney general, and House of Delegates.

Typical meltdown panelists who work for CNN and MSNBC spent most of Tuesday night whining onscreen about how critical race theory is just a ploy or “bogeyman” created by conservatives to trick constituents into voting red, but it didn’t take long for their cronies in the corporate media and on Twitter to join them.

Some of them flat-out repeated the talking points espoused by failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe and his campaign team. Days before the election, McAuliffe repeated the lie that critical race theory is not taught in Virginia schools and called Youngkin’s fight against it a “racist dog whistle.”

After it was clear that McAuliffe would lose, CNN Senior Analyst Kirsten Powers claimed that critical race theory is “not even being taught” in schools in Virginia. Her colleague CNN’s Brianna Keilar agreed and claimed that “some of it was dog-whistle racism.”

Others compared Youngkin to former President Donald Trump, yet another tribute to McAuliffe’s rhetoric and subsequently failed campaign.

Race-grifters gladly joined the TV media’s chorus and claimed that the same race-obsessed platform McAuliffe just lost on was all true and the reason for the GOP’s victory. Podcast host and contributor for the ever-declining Atlantic Jemele Hill told her Twitter followers that the Republicans’ wins in Virginia are proof that “this country simply loves white supremacy” even though Winsome Sears was elected to the lieutenant governorship as the first black woman elected statewide. 

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali also played the race card and said the GOP victory is evidence that “whiteness remains undefeated.”

“Let’s wait and see who those white suburban voters went for tonight in Virginia,” he tweeted.

One MSNBC guest tried to absolve the media and McAuliffe of any blame in his loss and instead criticized Democrats in Congress for failing to pass President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill.

Even Democrat delegates, who are still reeling from losing their majority in the state House, are going crazy over the strong possibility that their pro-baby killing and high-tax track records could be erased due to the red wave.

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