Election Fraud

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood — who helped lead the accusations of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election — is under investigation for voter fraud

Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood — who helped lead the
accusations of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election — is under
investigation for voter fraud 1

Attorney Lin Wood is under investigation by Georgia officials for potential voter fraud, according to a Tuesday night report from NBC News.

Wood was one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest advocates in attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election based on accusations of massive voter fraud.

The embattled attorney recently said that he has been living in South Carolina for the last several months.

What are the details?

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office confirmed the investigation in a statement to the network.

“The question is whether [Wood] was a legal resident when he voted in November in light of an email he sent to [WSB-TV reporter] Justin Gray saying he has been domiciled in South Carolina for several months,” the statement explained. “The investigation is ongoing.”

The secretary of state’s office added that “if a person removes to another state with the intention of making it such person’s residence, such person shall be considered to have lost such person’s residence in this state” — which would have made Wood ineligible to vote in Georgia if he were living in South Carolina during early voting.

On Tuesday night, Wood responded to the news and in a statement of his own announced, “I was domiciled in Atlanta in October of 2020 and was a resident of Georgia at that time. I have been a resident of Georgia since 1955.”

“I own properties in Georgia and South Carolina,” Wood’s statement added. “I changed my resident to South Carolina on February 1, 2021.”

What else?

On Wednesday, NPR reported that Wood took to the social media site Telegram on Monday, revealing that he was leaving Georgia and changing his permanent residency to South Carolina after insisting Georgia “falsely accused me and shunned me.”

“After news of the investigation broke, Wood wrote that he only became a South Carolina resident as of Feb. 1 and called Raffensperger a ‘loser’ who ‘is going to jail,'” NPR’s Stephen Fowler reported.

“Now, his posts on Telegram are under scrutiny as officials seek to determine if one of the loudest voices alleging election fraud committed a crime himself,” Fowler added. “Georgia state code 21-2-217 (a) (5) says that if a person moves to another state ‘with the intention of remaining there an indefinite time and making such state the person’s place of residence’ then they are no longer considered eligible to vote in Georgia.”

State investigators will now determine if Wood lived in South Carolina or in Georgia when he voted early in person for the November presidential election

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Election Fraud
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