Racist Left-Wing Video Violates Facebook’s ‘Hate Speech’ Guidelines, Remains Uncensored

Racist Left-Wing Video Violates Facebook’s ‘Hate Speech’
Guidelines, Remains Uncensored 1

Judging individuals negatively based solely on their race, sex or other immutable characteristics is undeniably hateful and bigoted.

Facebook and YouTube both claim to actively police their platforms for conduct promoting such bigotry. However, as it turns out, racism is totally acceptable on both platforms as long as it’s coming from a left-wing perspective.

A viral video released Sunday by Cut, a video production company, promoted a slew of racial stereotypes regarding white people on both Facebook and YouTube.

The video, which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, very clearly breaks numerous “hate speech” guidelines laid out by both companies, and yet the video remains uncensored.

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Throughout the nearly 5-minute-long video, various black individuals were asked the question, “What exactly are white people superior at?”

A wide range of answers was shared by the respondents and, for the first minute or so, they mostly involved humorous cultural stereotypes, with some of the interviewees noting white people tend to have an affinity for pampering their pets, enjoy foods such as cereal and mayonnaise and like to participate in activities such as water sports and corn mazes.

Then, around a minute and a half in, the video began to take on a more disturbing tone.

“White people are great at having fun. That’s a function of white supremacy because they just don’t have as many stresses as we do.”

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A series of similar claims that followed broke a number of the hate speech guidelines laid out by both Facebook and YouTube.

Facebook describes hate speech as “a direct attack on people” based on race and other immutable characteristics. Attacks are then defined as “violent or dehumanizing speech, harmful stereotypes, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation.”

YouTube similarly describes hate speech as “use of racial, religious or other slurs and stereotypes that incite or promote hatred based on” immutable characteristics.

Here are some more statements made in the video on “what white people are superior at” that promote negative racial stereotypes:

  • “White people are very superior at their privilege and utilizing it”
  • “Insecurity”
  • “Pretending”
  • “Fear”
  • “Being ignorant”
  • “Blame”
  • “Letting their egos control their every move”
  • “Privilege”
  • “Playing the victim”

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The following quotes from the video promote racial “generalizations that state inferiority” through “moral deficiencies,” which is also explicitly banned as per Facebook’s community standards on “hate speech”:

  • “Being d—s”
  • “Oppression”
  • “Gaslighting”
  • “Lack of empathy”
  • “Intellectualizing oppression”
  • “Thinking they’re superior”
  • “Upholding white supremacy”
  • “Lying, stealing and cheating”
  • “Manipulation”
  • “Violence”
  • “Taking what’s not theirs”

Now imagine if a video on YouTube or Facebook was shared claiming that black Americans are better at being ignorant, pretending and violent, and lying, stealing and cheating. That video would be condemned as racist, and rightly so, but because this video is furthering the left-wing narrative of intersectionality — which promotes racist stereotypes — these social media companies will turn a blind eye.

There is no denying that the black community faces many unique struggles in modern-day America.

However, the notion pushed forward by videos such as this — that white Americans are active participants in an oppressive system that benefits them while holding down minorities — is completely baseless and utterly bigoted.

Instead of conducting a thorough and honest analysis of why different racial groups reach varying economic outcomes in 2020 America, the social justice warriors of the anti-racist left would rather promote racial stereotypes and conspiracy theories involving white people in what can only be described as perniciously racist videos.

Both YouTube and Facebook, through inaction and indifference, have shown that this sort of racism is totally acceptable in their eyes, even though it is undeniably in violation of their “hate speech” community guidelines.

The Western Journal reached out to both YouTube and Facebook regarding the video and its numerous violations of the two companys’ hate speech guidelines, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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