Election Fraud

RAND PAUL: ‘The Fraud Happened, The Election In Many Ways Was Stolen’

RAND PAUL: ‘The Fraud Happened, The Election In Many Ways
Was Stolen’ 1

During today’s Senate hearing into election irregularities, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) confronted Chris Krebs over his claim that the 2020 presidential election was one of the most secure in history, declaring that “the fraud happened” and “the election was stolen” from President Donald Trump.

“The fraud happened, the election in many ways was stolen,” said Paul. “The only way it will be fixed is by, in the future, reinforcing the laws.”

Paul then took aim directly at Krebs, who previously claimed the election was the most secure election in U.S. history.

“I think his job was keeping foreigners out of the election, and it was the most secure election based on security of the Internet and technology.” “But he never has voiced an opinion, he’s welcome to today, on whether or not dead people voted.”

Paul continued, “I don’t think he examined that. Did he examine non citizens voting?”

“So to say it was the safest election, sure, I agree with your statement if you’re referring to foreign intervention. But if you’re saying it’s the safest election based on: No dead people voted, no non-citizens voted, no people broke absentee rules, I think that’s false.”

Paul has signaled his support but thus far remained neutral on the initiative made by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) to challenge the Electoral College vote on January 6.

Brooks and a growing coalition that includes dozens of House Republicans are planning to object to the election results from key battleground states where most Republicans believe election irregularities occurred. However, the House Republicans must be joined in their objections by at least one U.S. Senator.

If a U.S. Senator joins in their objection, then both the House and Senate will examine their findings. Should the Republican-controlled Senate, currently led by China-adjacent Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), choose to throw out the Electoral College votes from key battleground states, then Vice President Mike Pence could potentially cast a tie breaking vote that could push both President Donald Trump and Joe Biden under the required number of votes to win, and trigger a contingent election.

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