Rand Paul Urges Georgia Libertarians to 'Vote Republican' in Runoff

Rand Paul Urges Georgia Libertarians to 'Vote Republican' in
Runoff 1

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is encouraging Libertarians in Georgia to vote Republican in the January Senate runoff race.

“One of the things that I’ve taken upon myself is to try to encourage… there was a little over 100,000 people who voted for Shane Hazel, the Libertarian candidate, and I think those people can find a place and reason to vote for Republicans,” he said Monday on Fox News.

Paul continued:

Look, I get fed up with the Republicans not spending money wisely and adding to our debt, but they are better than the Democrats. Even if only sometimes marginally so. But on some things, like packing the court and D.C. statehood, Republicans will help to protect the country from all branches of government being controlled by the Democrats. So, I think there is some argument… some of these 100,000 Libertarians to actually vote Republican and I’m gonna be spending some time trying to encourage them to vote Republican in the runoff.

Democrats from outside the state are trying to create division among Republicans in Georgia.

“The Democrats then intend to exploit those divisions to try to drive down turnout among President Donald Trump’s supporters in the runoff for the two U.S. Senate seats that will decide which party controls the upper chamber of Congress next year,” Breitbart News reported.

“Republicans, meanwhile, are pushing back on these efforts, calling them ‘deceitful campaign tactics’ designed to ‘manipulate voters’ in Georgia,” it continued.

A recent ad by the Georgia Republican Party said illegal aliens will earn the right to vote if Americans do not vote in the runoff elections.

“When the radicals say ‘change America,’ this is what they mean: opening the border, illegal immigrants voting, total Democrat control,” the narrator states:

“Save Georgia. Save America. Go vote. If you don’t, illegal immigrants will,” the narrator concludes.

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