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Report: Dominion had warned of memory cards hitting capacity

Report: Dominion had warned of memory cards hitting
capacity 1

A new report from Just the News reveals more questions are being raised about the Dominion Voting Systems machines that were used in dozens of U.S. states during the 2020 presidential election.

It’s because the machines’ memory cards reportedly have limited capacity and had to be changed out regularly during the course of the ballot count.

In fact, Dominion had warned that the memory cards would abruptly display a message that “Maximum Ballot Capacity Reached,” and then would require a change.

Just the News said it obtained a memo, through a Freedom of Information Act procedure, from Dominion that was sent to Georgia Elections Division Director Chris Harvey.

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Dominion, which has stood behind its system even though various reviews of this election have suggested that its machines could have faults, or even could be programmed for a certain result, had advised that when “an ImageCast Precinct (ICP) Tabulator reaches approximately 10,000 ballots cast for a single election, a message will appear that reads, ‘Maximum Ballot Capacity Reached,'” Harvey said.

Just the News reported officials in Georgia have admitted that at least 36 memory cards had to be prematurely removed from machines in the Atlanta area.

The instruction from Harvey gave counters two optional procedures to follow, including the installation of new cards.

The report explained, “In attached instructions coming directly from Dominion, the company as part of that protocol directed workers to ‘remove the original memory cards and for store [sic] tabulation at the appropriate time.’ Those instructions do not mention anything about secure storage.”

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A Fulton County officials responded to questions with a statement attributed to Dominion that, “Due to the amount of races that were on the November 2020 ballot and the large number of early voting polling sites that we have in Fulton County, the Dominion ICP scanner had the memory to hold ballot images of about 5,000 ballots. After my staff and I did the test to confirm that the max was 5,000 ballots, we consulted upper management and made the determination that we would swap out memory cards at 3,000 ballots. We swapped out memory cards 36 times during the early voting period.”

The statement outlined security procedures for the removed memory cards — how they were locked up until after the polls closed.

The report documented: “The recently revealed directive throws new light on memory card-related controversies that have arisen in Georgia since the 2020 election last month. In Walton County, Ga., officials discovered a memory card with nearly 300 votes on it several weeks after the election. Around the same time, officials discovered a memory card with a similar number of votes in Douglas County. In Fayette County, authorities found a memory card with over 2,700 votes on it, while in Floyd County officials found one memory card with 2,600 votes uncounted.”


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