Report: Hunter Biden’s prosecutor purposely delayed probe due to 2020 election

Report: Hunter Biden’s prosecutor purposely delayed probe
due to 2020 election 1

In a recent report published by Politico, it turns out that federal officials in Delaware that were looking into Hunter Biden’s alleged criminal activity had sought to intentionally stall the criminal probe in 2020 so as not to create waves that could impact the presidential election.

According to the report published by Politico on July 16th, the investigation into Hunter Biden “had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas”, however, no such action was taken at the time.

The report pointed to Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, being convinced by people within his inner circle to “avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.”

And apparently, Weiss “listened” to that advice given to him.

U.S. Attorney Weiss, who was nominated to serve as Delaware’s U.S. Attorney by former President Trump in 2017 following the recommendation of the state’s two Democratic senators, had reportedly began investigating Hunter Biden in late 2018.

Politico reported that the investigation came to be “in response to a number of leads, including some related to his dealings with Chinese business associates”, but ultimately settled in on possible tax issues:

“While investigators pursued suspicions of possible money laundering and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the criminal investigation eventually came to focus on whether he had paid taxes on all of his income, according to a person familiar with it.”

By the time the summer of 2020 came around, it was reported by Politico that the investigation into Hunter Biden had reached a point where grand jury subpoenas could be issued, and search warrants obtained – but Weiss apparently didn’t want the Hunter Biden investigation to go public in the midst of the 2020 election.

Clearly, the guarding of the probe was effective since very few details regarding of the Hunter Biden investigation led by the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office came to light prior to the election in November.

Former AG Bill Barr had also taken steps to help shield any details of probes into Hunter Biden becoming public before the election, which those reports came to back in December via a piece from the Wall Street Journal.

In the report on Weiss’ decision to abstain from pursuing the next-steps of the probe that would’ve culminated into actions like warrants and subpoenas, Politico reported that colleagues of Weiss said it “was consistent with his sober-minded approach to his job.”

The entire rationale behind this cover up was, again, meant to not have news of a criminal investigation involving a then-presidential candidate’s son affect the outcome of an election. 

Which, as we reported here at Law Enforcement Today back in November, information such as that being available to the public would have very likely changed the outcome of the 2020 election. 

Now the irony in all of this is that throughout August and September of 2020, there were numerous outlets ranging from NBC, Bloomberg, Axios, and the New York Times that reported on former President Trump being investigated by a Manhattan DA four alleged tax crimes.

The shielding favor that was extended to Hunter Biden, in not having news of an active criminal investigation where tax-related offenses were involved for fear of interfering with an election, was apparently a benefit that couldn’t be simultaneously enjoyed by the actual president at the time who was campaigning for reelection.

Furthermore, when news of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop fiasco was actually published prior to the election, Twitter initially halted the story from being on their platform and Facebook limited the story’s distribution on news feeds.

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In other recent reports regarding the Hunter Biden controversy, we at Law Enforcement Today shared a report where the GAI’s president, Peter Schweizer, claims that there’s evidence that proves the Hunter Biden laptop is genuine. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in July. 


In a recent report from Breitbart News, Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, proclaimed that there’s evidence that President Joe Biden benefitted from his son Hunter’s various “financial deals with foreign interests”.

While appearing on the Sean Hannity Show podcast, Schweizer stated that the GAI has a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop and all of the files, alleging that “it confirms that Joe Biden was a direct beneficiary” to Hunter’s various deals with foreign interests.

Schweizer claimed that the GAI were able to cross-reference Secret Service travel logs from the time Joe Biden was the vice president to that of various emails contained within Hunter’s laptop, apparently affording a perceived authenticity to the emails in question:

“GAI asked, ‘How can we demonstrate whether the emails are real?’…We already have, for example, Hunter Biden’s Secret Service travel records. They were released by Senator [Ron] Johnson’s committee. These are the official records that say the Secret Service traveled with Hunter to this location, to that location, etcetera.”

“So we asked, ‘Do the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop correspond with the travel records?’ If our email references that [Hunter] is in Dubai on a certain date, does that line up with the Secret Service travel records? Absolutely, 100 percent.”

Schweizer earnestly believes that there’s no doubt that the emails they’re in possession of are “100 percent accurate”:

“So there is no question. Of course, Hunter Biden hasn’t denied it. But there’s no question that the laptop emails that we have possession of are 100 percent accurate and correspond directly with existing material, and the information is devastating.”

The GAI president noted that a report from the institute is forthcoming, likely toward the end of 2021, and that what will be revealed will “take on a far more sinister tone” than what has already been shared since the Hunter Biden laptop controversies started circulating in the media:

“We’re in the middle of the investigation now, but by the end of the year it will be completed, and it will take on a far more sinister tone than it has even now in terms of what it says about the Biden family and the vulnerabilities of the Biden family…It’s that bad.”

During the how, Hannity asked Schweizer to measure on a scale of one-to-ten how damaging the findings of the report may be. Schweizer responded with:

“The coming revelations, based on what we are in the middle of right now, on a scale of one to ten — and you know Sean, I’m pretty cautious about this stuff — frankly are an eleven. It’s that bad.”

As for whether the infamous Hunter Biden laptop is authentic, the man himself was asked back in April whether said laptop belonged to him. Hunter’s response during the April interview was:

“I really don’t know, that’s what the answer is. That’s the truthful answer.”

There have been some claims that this laptop is nothing more than some bit of Russian propaganda, which those claims stemmed from 50 former intelligence officials alleging the laptop had “all the earmarks of Russian disinformation.”

Yet, in a July 9th piece from the Wall Street Journal titled “The Hunter Biden Laptop is Real“, contributor Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. pointed out that not only were those claims made without evidence – but that creating such a complex ruse wouldn’t even serve Russia’s interests: 

“They had no evidence and, worse, were prostituting their professional judgment. To create a plausible fake laptop, with a plausible index of files, plausible time stamps, plausible browser history, thousands of plausible photos, text messages, emails and other documents would be beyond the Kremlin and laughably disproportionate to any aim the Kremlin might hope to achieve.”

Jenkins notes that while some news outlets still aspire to craft “excellent reporting”, there’s a degrading trust when these same news outlets intentionally “are also hiding news” from their readers: 

“Much excellent reporting is still done by our big-time news organizations but can you trust them when you know they are also hiding news from you? Once you did not start from the presumption that members of the press were conformist lickspittles. Now you are stuck with the default presumption that they probably are.”


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