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Report — St. Louis Woman Was Mailed Voter Cards Intended for Other People: 'It’s a Concern'

Report -- St. Louis Woman Was Mailed Voter Cards Intended
for Other People: 'It’s a Concern' 1

A resident of St. Louis, Missouri, who lives alone, was reportedly mailed several voter notice cards intended for other people, sparking concerns about voter fraud.

“I got these four cards yesterday, and I have told them I am the only one living in this house,” Nancy McCafferty told Fox 2 Now this week. “And I’ve told them that three times.”

The cards were apparently intended for McCafferty’s sons and a girlfriend, all of whom lived there previously.

“I called them.” McCafferty explained. “I sent them back with the mail lady, and I believe I mailed them back with a note that they need to be taking them off.”

But that is apparently not what happened.

The purpose of the voter cards is to avert possible fraud by verifying a voter’s addresses before an election. If a voter has not voted in two federal elections, their status will be inactive, but their names are not removed from the database.

“If a voter moves, it’s incumbent upon them (the homeowner) to let the board know they moved so we can update the database,” Gary Stoff told Fox 2 Now. Stoff serves as Republican director of elections for the city.

The law requires voters who have moved to submit an updated address to the board of elections with their signature.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State website, when a voter moves outside the election jurisdiction where the voter was previously registered, that person must fill out an updated voter registration application informing election officials of the new address.

Meanwhile, House Democrats blocked a plan in December that would have made it mandatory for states to take foreign nationals off their voter rolls.

“The amendment, offered by Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), would have updated the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to require states to remove foreign nationals from their voter rolls as part of their regular voter list maintenance program,” Breitbart New reported.

Two-hundred and seventeen House Democrats cast their vote against the amendment.

“It’s a concern for me because we heard all about the last election that there wasn’t any fraud, no fraud, and here I get these in the mail. And I think, ‘Well this is just one household. How many of these are sent out?” McCafferty told Fox 2. “What’s to prevent my son from getting a ballot mailed to him in California, saying he’s on vacation and then voting and then voting in California,” she added.

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Mail-In Ballots
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