Republican Electors Vote For President Trump In PA, GA, NV, AZ, Paving Way For ‘Duel Slate’ Election Scenario

Republican Electors Vote For President Trump In PA, GA, NV,
AZ, Paving Way For ‘Duel Slate’ Election Scenario 1

Dueling slates of Republican presidential electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada have cast their votes for President Donald Trump in an effort to preserve the Trump Campaign’s ongoing legal challenges and setting the stage for a contingent election in Congress.

The Pennsylvania GOP confirmed that an alternate slate of Republican electors cast a “conditional vote” for President Trump today on Twitter.

The Pennsylvania GOP statement explains that the electors certify their votes for President and Vice President under the condition that they are “ultimately recognized as being the duly elected and qualified Electors.”

Nevada announced the same later this afternoon, as reported by National File, followed by Arizona.

As National File reported, a senior Republican party official in Georgia, as well as White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller confirmed that an alternative slate of electors would be voting for President Trump.

“National File’s source said, “It’s definitely happening. It’s not a secret. The campaign is up there doing this right now … One of the electors is a good friend of mine, and she’s up there right now in Atlanta.”

The Republican slate for the Electoral College are going to claim that they were legitimately elected and the plan is for them to make their vote for President Trump and send it to Congress. From there, Congress will have to sort the discrepancy between the states’ certifications of their election results and the votes of the alternate slate.

The senior party official remarked at the historic nature of the decision, “This is the first time since 1876 that a state has had two different slates of conflicting electors.”

This refers to the 1876 presidential election where disputed election results in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and Oregon prompted a congressional compromise which saw the Republicans keep the White House in exchange for concessions to Democrats.”

As of right now, three states have dueling slates of electors. This could potentially pave the way for a contingent election in the Congress, ultimately providing another pathway for President Trump’s reelection as the majority of Republican states in the House and thin Republican majority in the Senate could hand him victory.

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