Republicans Push for Forensic Audits in Battleground States & Texas

Republicans Push for Forensic Audits in Battleground States
& Texas 1

(Headline USA) The most closely watched attempt by Republicans to examine the 2020 presidential election in a battleground state has ended in a resounding victory in Arizona, and their efforts are cranking up elsewhere.

The most recent is in Republican-controlled Texas, where the secretary of state’s office announced Thursday it would conduct a “full and comprehensive forensic audit” of the 2020 election in four heavily populated counties.

These reviews go by various names: forensicu audits or investigations.

Republicans have sought the reviews in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all battlegrounds. The latest is Texas, where Trump had a 5.5 percentage point margin of victory.

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Auditing efforts have occasionally played out on a smaller scale, such as in Fulton County, Georgia, which includes Atlanta, individual counties in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and in a state legislative race in New Hampshire.

In Wisconsin, one review is being conducted by the Legislative Audit Bureau.

The other, ordered by Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, is being led by a retired Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.

In Pennsylvania, Republicans are retrenching after counties in July rebuffed a sweeping demand for voting machines, ballots, computer logs and more.

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A Republican-controlled Senate committee last week sent a subpoena for a wide array of election-related records to state election officials. Democrats are suing to block it.

The latest, in Texas, was announced just a few hours after Trump released a statement telling Republican Gov. Greg Abbott that “Texans demand a real audit to completely address their concerns.”

The secretary of state’s office — where a top deputy has previously said the 2020 elections were “smooth and secure” — said it would audit four of the state’s most populous counties: three voted for Biden and the other is where Republicans are quickly losing ground in the booming Dallas suburbs.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press.

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