RINO Governor Ducey Vetoes Bills Banning Critical Race Theory, Mass Vote by Mail.

RINO Governor Ducey Vetoes Bills Banning Critical Race
Theory, Mass Vote by Mail. 1

Arizona Republican (in name only) Governor Doug Ducey has vetoed multiple bills including those banning critical race theory and mass vote by mail.

Ducey vetoed 22 bills in total, claiming the people of Arizona “deserve” to have the $12.8 billion proposed budget plan pass, citing tax cuts and new spending on roads contained in the plan.

One of the bills vetoed by Ducey was a bill seeking to ban critical race theory “training for government workers.”  Another bill sought to end the sending of “mass mailing voting ballots to voters who don’t request one.” Yet another bill states the attorney general of Arizona must “review the constitutionality of any executive orders by the president.”

Arizona Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers confessed he was not surprised by the governor’s vetoes, stating Ducey had employed similar tactics in the past, but Bowers said he was still disappointed.

“It means more time for us. It means late introductions, it means the whole rigmarole, all over again… But we’ve been working and trying to work through each of our recalcitrant members and holdouts to have a budget. And next week we’re going to be trying to put one together and hopefully we can move.”

While Democrats and some Republicans in the Arizona Legislature object to the tax cuts, conservatives have concerns about the amount of spending in the proposed budget. But Bowers expressed his hope that now, the Legislature would set to work more seriously than ever and “get things done.”

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