Rising GOP Star Winsome Sears Sets Sights on Federal Election Power-Grab

Rising GOP Star Winsome Sears Sets Sights on Federal
Election Power-Grab 1

(Jacob Bruns, HeadlineUSA) Virgina Lt. Gov. and rising Republican star Winsome Sears noted the Democrats’ hypocrisy this week, suggesting that their photo ID requirement for attendance at a posh fundraising event is stricter than their voting ID requirements, Just the News reported.

According to Sears, the Democrats’ double-standard makes a mockery out of voting, the only real type of civic participation still permitted by our illegitimate state.

She also added that the ballot, rather than vaccine passports, must be kept “sacrosanct.”

“I thought you said you were for the little people, you know?” Sears said. “So if a photo ID is required to enter your event as Democrats, then why shouldn’t you have a photo ID to come to the polls?”

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Sears also brought up New York’s new policy of forcing restaurant diners to present a photo ID along with a vaccination passport to prove their elite class status, while emphasizing the need to apply this zeal for state identification to the ballot box instead.

“Listen, we must have the ballot box, the polling, be sacrosanct, we must know who’s coming to the polls,” she said. “It’s disingenuous, and it’s just another divisive measure.”

Describing the Virginia gubernatorial election,  Sears recalled the civic participation of Republicans around the state, who “as much as possible went and registered to become officers of the election.”

“They could see what was happening, they could ensure that, you know, people had access to the ballots as they should have,” she added.

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Sears concluded her speech by calling on Republican voters to stop complaining about election fraud, and get involved in order to help stop it next time.

“You can’t complain about elections and not offer yourself to say, ‘Well, I’m going to ensure that our elections are what they should be.’ And so that’s what we’re saying to people: ‘Get involved.’”

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