Election Fraud

Romney Claims Trump Is Ruining His Legacy w/ ‘Loopy’ Voter Fraud ‘Conspiracies’

Romney Claims Trump Is Ruining His Legacy w/ ‘Loopy’ Voter
Fraud ‘Conspiracies’ 1

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, claimed President Donald Trump is ruining his legacy by focusing on vote fraud that occurred during the 2020 presidential election.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Romney argued Trump should focus on the things he’s accomplished during his presidency rather than on how the election turned out.

“It’s really sad in a lot of respects and embarrassing because the president could, right now, be writing the last chapter of this administration with a victory lap with regards to the vaccine,” Romney said.

“He could be going out championing this extraordinary success, but instead he’s leaving Washington with a whole series of conspiracy theories and things that are so nutty and loopy that people are shaking their head wondering, ‘What in the world has gotten into this man?’” Romney continued. “I think that is unfortunate because he has more accomplishments than this last chapter suggests,” he said.

Trump has not yet conceded the election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden due to evidence of voting irregularities that Trump and his allies believe compromised the election in several key battleground states.

This week, Trump’s campaign filed a new petition with the Supreme Court, asking the justices to overturn a trio of Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases having to do with mail-in ballots.

“The petition seeks all appropriate remedies, including vacating the appointment of electors committed to Joseph Biden and allowing the Pennsylvania General Assembly to select their replacements,” Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said in a statement.

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Election Fraud
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