RSBN Cuts Mike Lindell’s Mic After He Warns About Taking COVID Vaccine… Says Highly Censored YouTube Will Kick Them Off

RSBN Cuts Mike Lindell’s Mic After He Warns About Taking
COVID Vaccine… Says Highly Censored YouTube Will Kick Them
Off 1

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s microphone was MUTED on Sunday after he began warning Americans about taking the COVID-19 vaccine during an interview at CPAC.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Mike Lindell spoke with Liz Willis, a host on the conservative YouTube channel Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN). He began speaking on his concerns around the China Coronavirus vaccine, only to have his mic cut seconds later…

Mike Lindell:

“In Israel right now, the prime minister on down, we don’t know what happened, but obviously, he congratulated Biden, but after that, we got a little suspect,” Lindell stated. “Right now with the vaccine over there, they are making the whole country take it so you can’t go in shopping malls, you wouldn’t be able to get a job, and if this happens, it the start for the world, the worst thing that could happen to this world.”

“I’m telling you with the vaccine… if you get a vaccine, which is only 95% effective, they say, then they want you to do another one in six months, six months. Well, I’m telling you when you get that, what do you care what someone else does, if that person wants to come to a mall and they don’t want to get a vaccine. This is our bodies, this is ‘mark of the beast’ stuff,” the MyPillow CEO continued.

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As Lindell proceeded to go off on “double masking,” RSBN muted him on their live stream.


After Lindell concluded, RSBN turned the sound back on, and host Liz Willis tried to divert from the topic at hand.

“I hate to do it. You know I love you, but due to YouTube’s guidelines, we will get our whole platform shut down, if you talk about vaccines,” Willis stated.

“Well, this is over in Israel,” Lindell then rebutted.

“I know. We love you, we love you,” Willis replied.

Last Monday, Dominion Voting Systems filed a 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit against the pillow company CEO, which Lindell claimed marked a “beautiful day” for America, as he claimed their lawsuit will give him the opportunity to reveal his evidence of voter fraud to the world.

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