Rush Limbaugh: 'Let's make sure Biden gets 100% of the vote'

Rush Limbaugh: 'Let's make sure Biden gets 100% of the
vote' 1

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Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said those counting and recounting the 2020 presidential election votes should just go ahead and give Democrat Joe Biden 100%.

Or at least 99%.

The legacy media have awarded Biden the White House based on vote counts from state election officials and their own determinations. However, President Trump has raised objections to the results in several states because of sworn statements from witnesses of vote fraud and has refused to concede.

His pathway to victory at this point would require overturn the preliminary counts in at least three states. Meanwhile Joe Biden is calling himself president-elect.

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Limbaugh was reacting to a listener’s suggestion that Republican state legislatures should withhold their vote ratifications “because they have no intention of participating in a proceeding that’s going to ratify a fraud, and that if this election is gonna be a Third World farce, then it ought to be a complete one with 100% vote for the winner.”

Limbaugh jumped on the plan: “You know, I love that idea. If we’re gonna do this — if we’re gonna bastardize this election, if we’re gonna turn this country into a Third World, tinhorn dictatorship — let’s go all the way, and let’s make sure Biden gets 100% of the vote.

“‘If we’re gonna behave like a banana republic, let’s go all the way. Let’s just find a way to get Joe Biden 100% of the vote. Think of it. What a way to start out relationships with Venezuela, with the ChiComs, with Putin and the Castros (what’s left of ’em) down in Cuba,'” Limbaugh said. “What a grand idea!”

“If we’re gonna do this, if we’re gonna insult and bastardize the American electoral process, let’s go all the way. Let’s just make sure that Joe Biden gets 100%, maybe 99%. We’ll allow that. To show that we’re not an autocratic, authoritative tyranny, we would allow that 1% did not vote for Biden. But I still like 100%. I think that’d be great,” he said.

If the election is stolen, should Biden be awarded 100% of the vote?

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