Satan Soldiers Unhinged: “Make Them Pay” — Michigan Lawmaker Calls on Leftist

Satan Soldiers Unhinged: “Make Them Pay” — Michigan Lawmaker
Calls on Leftist 1

Soldiers to Attack “Trumpers” — Prepare Yourself You Are on Your Own, Blood Will Surely Flow in the Streets of This Country…

Michigan Rep. Cynthia Johnson trying to stoke civil war?

In a three-minute video posted to her Facebook page, the Democrat from Detroit said “This is just a warning to you Trumpers… be careful. Tread lightly. We ain’t playin’ with you…

You are looking at “Nephilim” half human half demons, they are coming to the streets to wreak mayhem, a.k.a. Tribulations

Johnson then added “And for those of you who are soldiers… you know how to do it. Do it right. Be in order. Make them pay.”

Johnson, perhaps realizing what a massively stupid thing she’d done, posted a follow-up video on Wednesday morning which appears to ‘clarify’ that she was talking about ‘soldiers for Christ, against racism and against mysoginy.’

She then went into victim mode, claiming she’s received personal threats after participating in a Dec. 2 Michigan House Oversight meeting featuring Rudy Giuliani – who brought a Dominion Voting System whistleblower that testified to fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit.

Well, lt looks like the Democrats ( who started the Civil War) are looking for a rematch…wow Quote Tweet

Boy, this women has me shaking in my boots…this women sounds like she knows the vote was rigged and its about to be over turned.

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Those who pledge their allegiance to the one world ruler will take “the mark of the beast” upon their hard or forehead, so that they will be able to buy & sell and participate in the one-world economic system.  There is already some evidence that this “mark” is being prepared and TESTED, so that without this “mark”, you will not be able to buy or sell.

Once these things are in place, the “anti-Christ” will have arrived, and all the nations will bow down to him. A final 7 years – the “Tribulation” period – of man’s history upon the earth will ensue. A time that Jesus spoke about, which will come upon the whole earth,

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The country is on the “edge of a civil war” For conservatives, it is the notion that Democrats will stop at nothing to get rid of Mr. Trump and marshal the forces of the “deep state” to the right the wrongs of the 2016 election. It is a warning for liberals: Do not push churchgoing, gun-loving conservatives too far, or there will be dangerous consequences. It is simple for Christians that we’ve elected a group of ungodly politicians who have a significant amount of power and control over our lives. From a biblical standpoint, we are in tribulations, so Christians understand the onslaught from evil persons will only last seven years, then its payday for our Supreme Court Justices and politicians that have “made a mockery of justice.”

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Satan Soldiers Unhinged: “Make Them Pay” — Michigan Lawmaker
Calls on Leftist 2

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Satan Soldiers Unhinged: “Make Them Pay” — Michigan Lawmaker
Calls on Leftist 3

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