Scalise: 'Voters Are Furious with All the Spending,' 'Tired of all the Inflation Already'

Scalise: 'Voters Are Furious with All the Spending,' 'Tired
of all the Inflation Already' 1

During a Monday appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said that “voters are furious with all the spending” Democrats are trying to push through as part of President Joe Biden’s so-called Build Back Better agenda.

Scalise told host Maria Bartiromo that not only are Americans upset with the spending, but they’re already “tired of all the inflation” from the Biden administration’s spending. He explained voters know the far-left Democrats’ “crazy spending” was behind the inflation.

“Tomorrow will represent the sixth different time that Nancy Pelosi promised a vote. I still think, like the other five, they are going to blow by it because they don’t have the votes. And if you look, the Democrats in Washington right now have an insatiable appetite to spend trillions and trillions of dollars of more money, but what they are seeing is the voters are revolting against all of this big government socialism because it’s the leader of inflation. People are tired of all the inflation already.”

He continued, “[I] think they have got real trouble getting the votes because they really don’t have a package to rally around.”

“[T]he far-left progressive socialists are running the show, but they’re not getting everything they want because Democrats in swing districts are realizing if they vote for this, they can’t go back home and explain it on top of all the trillions in spending they’ve already voted for because their voters are furious with all of the spending because they know that’s what’s driving the inflation,” Scalise added.

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