Schools now subjected to “diversity audits” that are nothing more than fascist “woke policing”

Schools now subjected to "diversity audits" that are nothing
more than fascist "woke policing" 1

(Natural News) One of the nation’s leading independent schools recently conducted a “diversity audit” to determine how “woke” its teachers are about “sexual identity,” “social justice,” and other far-left “virtues.”

The Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles brought in an outside consultant to quiz faculty on their compliance with progressive views in six categories of diversity: racial identity, religious identity, socioeconomic status, family structure, sexual identity, and disability status.

Teachers were asked to assess themselves in terms of how effectively they feel they convey each topic to their students. They were also asked to fill out a worksheet indicating how effectively they think their classes, regardless of subject matter, promote “diversity.”

The sheet specifically asked teachers to describe how their courses “foster an understanding of systems of power and encourage students to develop tools for equity and justice.”

In light of last summer’s “racial justice protests,” Harvard-Westlake thought it would be a good idea to analyze how effectively social justice ideology permeates class curriculum, and make adjustments accordingly.

All of Harvard-Westlake’s roughly 200 teachers were given the worksheet as part of a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) curricular review, which was initiated by the Glasgow Group, a Maryland-based consultancy that connects independent schools to professional “diversity administrators.”

Emphasizing language that is characteristic of contemporary DEI priorities, race, as one example, is described on the worksheet as “a social construct that is used to group people together in relation to power and privilege.” “Family structure” is likewise defined as anything that “relates to various aspects of families, the way that they are organized and who makes up a family unit.”

The implication with the latter is that all family structures, whether married, unmarried, divorced, or other, are all an equal part of “diversity,” and should not be looked at as better or worse than another.

It’s all about vilifying white people and elevating “people of color”

This far-left approach to the curriculum structure has become commonplace across the country, including at bougie schools like Harvard-Westlake where tuition runs upwards of $40,000 a year.

Teachers at these schools routinely use gender-neutral pronouns, apologize for occupying “native land,” promote the idea that “climate change” is real, and advocate for domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

“It’s intrusive and completely inappropriate that Harvard-Westlake is demanding teachers get involved in indoctrinating students about things like ‘family structure,’ and it shows how pervasive and revolutionary the goals are,” a member of the school’s community who chose to remain anonymous is quoted as saying.

“This isn’t really about George Floyd and ‘racial justice’ – it’s about creating a new, extremist mission for the school that attacks our society and indoctrinates students with radical political views that are presented to them as uncontroversial and mainstream.”

This transformation is being propelled by an ever-expanding workforce of DEI professionals, including the five DEI administrators that currently work at Harvard-Westlake. These administrators sent out a school-wide email back in the summer that discussed its new expanded “antiracist” agenda.

The Glasgow Group, by the way, is made up of 12 diversity professionals who make money spreading anti-white propaganda to the impressionable. The group actively foments anti-white racism while claiming to fight racism, all while discouraging healthy debate about sensitive subjects in favor of creating “a culture of dialogue.”

The group issued a statement before the election saying that it anticipated “a range of emotional responses to the outcomes.” The goal was to then “validate” this range of emotions “and provide outlets for processing.”

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