Sean Davis: Media And Big Tech Rigged Election By Suppressing Biden Family Crime News

Sean Davis: Media And Big Tech Rigged Election By
Suppressing Biden Family Crime News 1

Federalist Co-Founder Sean charged big tech and big media of rigging the November election through their conspired suppression of blockbuster stories exposing incriminating information on their preferred presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

“There’s been a lot of talk about election rigging and vote counts and all that, but I think the election rigging that we haven’t given nearly enough attention to was the rigging done by corrupt media and big tech to suppress this story,” Davis said of the Hunter Biden scandals plaguing the Biden administration, which “undoubtedly changed the election… That’s a huge scandal.”

Data from the Media Research Center (MRC) lends credence to Davis’s claim. According to an MRC-commissioned survey conducted in the days following the election, nearly 20 percent of Biden voters interviewed across eight key battleground states, seven of which the former vice president carried, reported they would have changed their decision at the ballot box had the media properly covered several key stories offering more information about Biden.

Davis took particular aim at legacy outlets still ignoring the Hunter scandal even after being forced to offer coverage following a statement from Hunter Biden himself admitting the existence of an FBI investigation that had been reported in October.

“We have a pretty incurious media, especially when it comes to the White House press corps where they’re just simply not even interested in the answers so they don’t even bother asking the questions, so we’re left with other outlets who don’t have the access and the bandwidth that the big ones have,” Davis said. “The other issue is, unlike the Russia investigation… there’s nothing coming out in the government. So when you have Republicans that are being investigated, it’s leaks galore. When it’s Democrats like Hunter Biden and the Biden family and James Biden being investigated, we don’t know anything.”

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