Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Announces Candidacy for Arizona Governor

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Announces Candidacy for
Arizona Governor 1

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs announced she is running for governor in 2022 as she strives to become the Democrat nominee.

Hobbs made the announcement in a video statement on Wednesday, casting herself as a leader who is able to “get the job done” and “deliver transparency, accountability, and results for Arizonans.”

She claimed that the state is led by “conspiracy theorists who are more focused on political posturing than getting things done” and said this mentality needs to change.

“There is real harm going on for many,” Hobbs said. “The other side isn’t offering policies to make our lives better, they are offering conspiracies that only make our lives worse.”

In her featured video, she addresses recent threats she received as secretary of state amid the latest election audit while touting her accomplishments in tackling the opioid epidemic and pledged that she will rebuild the economy and make life-saving investments in health care and invest in education if elected as governor.

Hobbs’ bid to enter the race was already expected and she seeks to succeed Republican Gov. Doug Ducey after his second term ends. Ducey is term-limited and barred from seeking a third term.

The 51-year-old cabinet member is among a growing list of candidates seeking Ducey’s seat. On Tuesday, Kari Lake, a former news anchor in Phoenix, also announced her candidacy as a Republican.

Former Fox 10 news anchor Kari Lake said she will step down on March 2, 2021. (Screenshot via

In Lake’s campaign launch video, she said Arizona needs leaders with “integrity” and “a vision” and that it is time to “put Arizona first” as she accused politicians of failing the state.

“The time has come to put Arizona first. Arizona first for our kids in K-12 education with the curriculum that makes sense,” Lake said. “First for families so they can thrive in safe and secure neighborhoods. First for people who want to own small businesses. And first in helping bring back those businesses shuttered during the government-forced shutdowns.”

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) said in a statement to The Epoch Times following Hobbs’ announcement that voting Arizonans will be able to see through “Hobbs’ phony talk” and grasp the “radical liberal” views she truly represents.

“Running for governor is nothing like Katie Hobbs’ softball MSNBC interviews,” said RGA Spokesman Will Reinert. “Arizonans re-elected Gov. Ducey for his responsible vision for the state and his ability to keep the economy roaring, and they are going to select another Republican in 2022 to continue what he started.”

GOP lawmakers in the state have clashed repeatedly in recent months over the 2020 election as Hobbs continually denounces a state Senate-ordered audit of ballots and election machines in Maricopa County, which state lawmakers say is crucial to restoring voters’ confidence in the election system.

The Senate-ordered audit of election results in Maricopa County was launched as supporters of former President Donald Trump suggested that there might have been fraud during the 2020 election—giving President Joe Biden a narrow win. No evidence has backed these election integrity claims.

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