SHARPIEGATE UPDATE: More Americans from Across the Country Were Forced to Vote Using a Sharpie

SHARPIEGATE UPDATE: More Americans from Across the Country
Were Forced to Vote Using a Sharpie 1

The day after the 2020 Election there was controversy over the use of sharpies in some Arizona locations.  Now we know this occurred across the nation.

In mid-July Sharpiegate was back in the news:

BOOM! Arizona Senate Audit Team CAUGHT THEM! Ballots were on WRONG PAPER STOCK — Supports the SHARPIEGATE SCANDAL! (VIDEO)

After this post, a number of individuals shared that they too were handed a sharpie when voting in the 2020 Election.  These messages came from all across the country: Chicago; Sun City, AZ; Upland, CA; San Diego, CA; Fountain, CA; Idaho; Nevada; and, Pennsylvania.

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We shared this as well.

Sharpiegate Scandal Sees New Life – Readers Share that Sharpies Were Used Across the Country

Then we uncovered exactly how sharpies were used in the 2020 Election:

SHARPIE-GATE EXPLAINED: It Now Appears Sharpies Were Provided in Certain Precincts to Disqualify Trump Votes in 2020 Election (VIDEO)

We’ve since received emails from more readers who shared that they too received sharpies to vote with on Election Day:

Hello, my name is xxxx and I live in xxxx Pennsylvania.  When I voted in November we were given black sharpies which means none of our votes were counted correctly or if they ever counted at all. I think this should be investigated to see how many other Counties had the same problem.

SHARPIE PENS were used in Chicago.
Went to vote on election day  and was told TOUCH PAD machines were inoperable – a first . Ballot bled. Biden outdid 1st Obama by 44k votes altho city population dropped 250k in intervening years – a great portion of that loss by black community. No way. I’m ex election judge , board investigator and expert court witness on canvassing. Nothing that happened election day nationally happened without Chicago input and knowledge. Nothing. Indeed at about 26 min. mark of Lindell documentary Eric Commer answered that VPN was ( prior to election ) being experimented on only here. Brings into question Lightfart’s election. Dominion in use city and county. Soon after election Chicago board exec. director – once indicted in San Diego – retired after 29 years as Chicago’s chief magician. Help us please.

We were issued sharpie markers to use at the polling place on 11/3/2020 located at xxxx, Mesa, AZ.

How many votes across the nation were stolen or discarded due to the sharpiegate phenomenon?

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