SHOCKER: Virginia pharmacy staff suspected of purposely injecting over 100 children with adult version of Covid-19 clot shot

SHOCKER: Virginia pharmacy staff suspected of purposely
injecting over 100 children with adult version of Covid-19 clot
shot 1

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What’s next? Will Covid-injected children start collapsing on sports fields from heart attacks like young athletes already are, especially since pharmacies are haphazardly injecting children with adult doses that are three times as potent? State officials busted staff at a Virginia pharmacy in Loudon County (about an hour from the Washington DC beltway) for administering the WRONG Covid vaccines to kids age 5 to 11 years old.

The children were supposed to get the heavily diluted kid’s version that was “approved” by the FDA, instead they’ve got billions of prions in their vascular systems permanently, and no good can come from this. Was it an accident, to inject over 100 kids like this? Evidence screams no. Let’s take a closer look.

Ted Pharmacy in northern Virginia gave 112 children the extremely potent ADULT version of the Covid gene therapy jab

Federal and state officials have banned the pharmacy in question from the state’s vaccination program and repossessed all clot shots from the location. Pharmacy staffers who injected over 100 children with the wrong vaccine claimed it was an accident, but that excuse fell apart when parents later verified that they ALREADY questioned the staff just before they stabbed it into their children to make sure it was the right one. The vaccines have different color caps for this reason alone. The adult versions have a distinctive purple cap color-coding, whereas the highly diluted children’s version comes with an orange cap.

Reporters spoke with other parents, and one mother says she noticed the staff member was about to give her daughter the wrong one, so she spoke up, yet still the pharmacist jabbed her with the wrong one. This is why these parents suspect foul play and insidious motives. Another pharmacist told a mother who questioned the color-coding adult cap that it basically doesn’t matter which color the cap is, and that it’s “okay” to use either.

Loudon County Health Department refrained from alerting parents until after a parent blew the whistle on the local news

Finally, after enough parents freaked out and made the atrocity public, the county health department issued a statement instructing parents to consult with their pediatrician to see what to do next to save the child should adverse reactions kick into full gear. Bottom line is that negligence is negligence, and this is a vital time to not be negligent. There’s a reason these jabs have only had emergency approval for so long. There’s a reason children’s versions are greatly diluted.

What’s next? Will the pharmacies start prescribing children opioids “by accident” instead of aspirin for pain? Will everyone who wants a standard flu shot get a Covid jab instead “by accident?” An investigation has been opened about this atrocity at the Virginia pharmacy, but most likely, nothing will come of it. The vaccine industry and the Covid regime in Washington DC will surely keep their wrists from getting slapped too hard for this.

Believe it or not, Steve Kirsch, a famous tech guru and the “Infoseek” search engine inventor, already predicted this exact “event” would happen. He recently posted some research about how Pfizer was reformulating the children’s version of their mRNA jab at 1/3rd dose for FDA approval, but that, he said, may not be the “final version” the kids really get. If this clot shot is lethal for kids, looks like it’s back to secret hearings to pay off and shut up the vaccine injured masses, of which only a select amount can afford attorneys and have the courage to step forward.

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