Sidney Powell blasts Supreme Court for “slow-walking” EMERGENCY election challenges past key dates

Sidney Powell blasts Supreme Court for “slow-walking”
EMERGENCY election challenges past key dates 1

(Natural News) It should be patently obvious by now to patriots who love our republic and who are certain President Donald Trump’s Nov. 3 election victories were stolen from him, that the American system of justice is irreversibly broken.

Despite reams of evidence, more than 1,000 sworn affidavits (sworn under penalty of perjury), eyewitness statements, IT forensic analyses, and weeks’ worth of painstaking investigative work on the part of the Trump campaign legal team, one court after another has rejected legal challenges to election results in several battleground states. 

The two-tier “justice” system revealed itself again this week as even the U.S. Supreme Court has proven it isn’t interested in upholding our Constitution — which is what those nine justices swore an oath to do.

Attorney Sidney Powell has been fighting like mad to get federal and state courts to just look at her evidence of vote fraud and election irregularities. But all have refused to do so, handing the Joe Biden and Democrat-aligned deep state one ‘legal’ victory after another and giving air to the liars on cable news and in Congress who falsely claim “there was no systemic vote fraud” this election.

She finally got her “Kraken” cases to the Supreme Court on Thursday, but it appears as though the justices fixed it so that even if they do find the stones to examine her evidence and actually rule on it, there isn’t much that’s going to change: Joe Biden is still going to be on a glide path to the biggest election fraud in the history of our country.

“The #SupremeCourt electronic filing system shows our EMERGENCY Petitions docketed for #Georgia & #Michigan but SLOW-walking w/ state response not due until JAN 14!  Today it FINALLY submitted our #Arizona & #Wisconsin EMERGENCY petitions filed Friday INEXPLICABLY rejected them,” she wrote on Twitter.

She followed that tweet with another: “They were submitted electronically Saturday morning and all copies hand-delivered and fees paid. #SupremeCourt clerk refused to give reason and will not return phone calls!! What is going on?? Unprecedented lack of professionalism.”

Got that? Not only did the SCOTUS sandbag this former federal prosecutor on the Arizona and Wisconsin cases, but for some strange reason, after accepting the Georgia and Michigan cases, the justices gave those two states until the middle of next month — or about six days before Inauguration Day — to ‘respond’ to her suit.

Oh, and the clerk’s office appears to have simply stolen her filing fee, too, just for good measure.

Here’s why this is BS:

— The new Congress convenes Jan. 3.

— The Georgia run-off election for two critical U.S. Senate seats — and control of the upper chamber — is Jan. 5; if the deep state steals both of those elections, the brainless Biden and his left-wing Marxist Democrats will control all of government.

— Both chambers meet Jan. 6 to ‘count’ the electors; even if they are challenged and both chambers split to hold votes on whether to accept them, right now Democrats will win those challenges (because in the Senate the Republicans may not control the chamber by then — and if they do, they have proven they are not the street fighters Democrats are).

Setting a Jan. 14 date just for Georgia and Michigan to respond means the high court has effectively booted this case past dates of significance, rendering any decision effectively moot. But hey — at least these coward, politicized justices can say ‘we took the case!’

Powell has the goods on this stolen election, and it’s been plain now for some time the people who are really in power know it — and they don’t want it revealed. So courts are just slapping down her lawsuits and those filed by the Trump campaign, refusing to even look at the evidence because doing so would mean they have to admit: Joe Biden’s handlers stole the election from Donald Trump.

So — what’s next? American patriots will have to decide if we still want to live in a country that has obviously been taken away from us by people who have also given us no legal means of redress.

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