Soros Launches for Phony Election ‘Fact Check’ Operation

Soros Launches for Phony Election ‘Fact Check’
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Believing that the what the world really needs is a new progressive “fact-checking,” outfit leftist oligarch George Soros has teamed up with former Democrat strategist Tara McGowan to start a company aimed at new media to “tackle disinformation,” according to Axios.

McGowan, who Axios said was part of the group that contributed “to the delayed reporting of the Iowa caucus results” (called ACRONYM), will head up the new company, Good Information, Inc. but was previously known as Project Good Information.

“We are disclosing our investors, because we believe—especially right now in this environment of mistrust—that transparency is really important,” McGowan said about the investment by Soros.

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But even leftists are having a hard time swallowing the idea that a Democrat activist tied to the Iowa caucus debacle will help people trust the media’s information more by being non-partisan.

“McGowan and her defenders have said that Democrats have ceded this information warfare to the likes of Sean Hannity and Breitbart for too long,” said Vox’s Recode when PGI was started in February.

“If partisan news is going to exist, the thinking goes, Democrats should offer their own instead of depending on nonpartisan media outlets to try to counter the right’s disinformation machine,” it claimed, while ignoring propagandist mouthpieces like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and Vox itself.

Amongst Good Information’s first acquisitions will be owned by McGowan’s former employer, ACRONYM.

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Courier has been hit with charges that it’s nothing more than a partisan extension of Democrat press offices, spending $1.4 million in Facebook ads that regurgitate press releases from candidates, but don’t have to be reported to the Federal Election Committee.

“While campaign finance watchdogs worry about the trend of ‘dark money’ influencing American politics and media experts say that Courier and similar endeavors only further undermine trust in news and shared facts, Courier and their supporters dismiss these concerns as liberal hand-wringing more concerned with being pure than with winning,” said Politico.

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